San Francisco 49ers' Jim Harbaugh “Coach’s Notebook: July 27” – Fan Reaction

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One of the things that I missed this offseason was the numerous press conferences that Jim Harbaugh would hold throughout the year. Now that training camp is underway, there will be plenty of opportunities for Jim Harbaugh to talk to the media. Here are some snippets from his latest press conference (July 27) and exactly what I thought about what Coach Harbaugh had to say:

Media: What did you mean when you told [Rich] Gannon that he [WR Randy Moss] was your best receiver? Just physically? Is it everything? Why is he your best receiver?

Jim Harbaugh: "The way that was reported was misunderstood. What I said, and I remember the conversation vividly, I was describing Randy having the fastest time in a specific drill on a specific day of the offseason OTAs. What we have here on this team, really we've got five guys who are number one receivers as we go into this camp. Like I said before, it will play out what the roles are, who the starters are, who the backups, the contributors. But, I feel really good about that. We've got five number ones, tied for first, five guys tied for first."

Commentary: Randy Moss is going to be an important asset to this team and I think everyone knows that. Harbaugh certainly isn't the type of coach to single a man out and praise him for his work when he knows that he needs everyone on board. The way he diplomatically answers this question shows his commitment to keeping his team as unified as possibly. Any rifts could result in a derailing of what the team is trying to accomplish this upcoming season.

M: You added G Leonard Davis . He visited in March, obviously didn't sign him then, but you did sign him yesterday. What changed, or what was the situation that led you to signing him?

JH: "Well, that we had great feel for him, I thought, when he visited here. And just really happy that we have him, that he's healthy and he's available, we get him right here at the start of training camp. And I loved his comments yesterday. When asked about competing, he said he wouldn't be here if he wasn't here to compete, so I thought that was spot on and take a man at his word. I'm excited to watch that unfold."

Commentary: I too loved what Davis had to say in regards to his acquisition. I'm still not 100 percent sold on him (as I stated here) but his comments in combination with Harbaugh's comments make me feel a little better about his ability to perform. Hopefully his actions match his words and he works out as a nice addition to the 49ers' offensive line. Whether his capacity will be as a backup or as a starter at right guard has yet to be determined. Alex Boone is slotted to start at right guard and the 49ers think he's making a fine transition.

M: I know you don't think much about other people's expectations, but this is a team that went to the NFC title game last year and has been looked at as one of the Super Bowl favorites. Do you like that? Do you care about that? Do you want your players to think about that?

JH: "We have great expectations. We've got big hopes. We've got big dreams. As it relates to expectations though, they are to go out and have a great practice this afternoon. We expect a great practice. And then, great expectations for tonight's meetings. The other things are irrelevant at this point, other than you've got to find something to believe in, and then go to work at that. And we believe that what puts us in the best possible position, the most advantageous position to win, is preparation and hard work. So we'll believe in that and go to work."

Commentary: Having those great expectations really helps motivate the team to do well. One thing you hardly see athletes doing before the season and even during it is speaking negatively about their expectations for their team that year. A positive attitude is just as important as being prepared physically to take on your opponents. Jim Harbaugh knows all of this so it is no surprise that he categorically marks his team as having high expectations to build on last season. It will be a lot of fun to see what Jim Harbaugh can do with his team during his second full season with essentially the same group of players including some upgrades at certain positions.

Food for thought: Jim Harbaugh is definitely on top of his game as his team heads into training camp. What kinds of expectations do you have for the 49ers this season? Are you in "Super Bowl or bust" mode?

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