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San Francisco 49ers’ Carlos Rogers Calls Out New York Jets' Defense: Fan Reaction

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Waking up this morning (October 3) and turning on ESPN, the first thing that caught my attention happened to be Tedy Bruschi and Eric Mangini commenting on something that transpired after the San Francisco 49ers defeated the New York Jets 34-0 on Sunday, September 30. San Francisco 49ers' Pro Bowl cornerback Carlos Rogers was on SiriusXM NFL Radio and basically called out the Jets' defense, saying he was shocked by their lack of effort in Sunday's matchup.

There are several points I'd like to touch on both based upon what Rogers had to say and how Bruschi and Mangini reacted to what Rogers said:

Bruschi and Mangini

Bruschi said that the Jets had better take what Rogers said personally, because it's not like it was a 49ers' offensive player who said something, but a fellow defender. On the other hand, Mangini said that Rogers' comments were uncalled for and he wasn't very impressed by it. In terms of how I see things, Rogers made an observation and both Bruschi and Mangini are defending the East Coast bias that ESPN represents. The 49ers are arguably one of the best teams in the entire NFL and the Jets…well, not so much.

Their lack of effort and offensive firepower speaks volumes to the caliber football team they are and to have their defense roll over -- possibly the one thing with any semblance of a way to garner respect -- they don't deserve to be spoken of positively. In my opinion, Mangini and Bruschi fail to realize that the problem isn't what Rogers said; the problem is that the Jets probably gave up.

What Rogers Said

Rogers never used the "Q" word (quit) when it came to his interview, he just said he was shocked that a Rex Ryan coached defense would put forth such a disappointing performance. Players on the 49ers sideline were saying the Jets didn't look like they wanted to tackle and from what I saw watching the game, the Jets certainly appeared worn down by the 49ers' ground and pound.

Rogers Wasn't Far Off

It's funny that some people are up in arms about what Rogers said when all he did was make an observation from the sidelines. The Jets gave up 245 rushing yards -- the most by a Rex Ryan coached Jets team ever -- and allowed 34 unanswered points en route to being shutout; sure seems like they tried real hard to me (sarcasm). I wouldn't say the Jets quit, but I would say they were worn down by the 49ers consistent grind of an offense. And I certainly don't blame Rogers for saying what he felt was true. Of course the Jets are going to deny quitting, they're the team whose coach constantly guarantees Super Bowl appearances and playoff wins; why would they fess up to it?

Food for thought: Did the New York Jets defense quit during their matchup with the San Francisco 49ers? Or is Carlos Rogers doing a little too much talking after his team routed their opponent by 34 points?

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