San Francisco 49ers Need to Take Advantage of Depth Now: Fan Breakdown

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The 2011 NFL season for the San Francisco 49ers was absolutely magical. They did things that no one had ever expected they would achieve so quickly, especially after their disappointing 2010 when they were selected as the preseason favorites to win the NFC West but finished with a 6-10 mark that had them narrowly missing the playoffs. Had they won just another game or two, they would have been in the playoffs. However, it wasn't meant to be that season and the 49ers came out in 2011 looking like a completely different team.

They would finish the 2011 regular season with a 13-3 record and had all eyes on them as they advanced past the New Orleans Saints as the number two seed in the NFC and nearly defeated the New York Giants to advance to Super Bowl XLVI.

Now in the weeks and months leading up to the start of the 2012 NFL season the 49ers have one of the most versatile and deep rosters in the league. At nearly every position - perhaps with the exception of offensive line - the 49ers have talent and depth to compete for a Super Bowl title. I feel as if a team with this much potential has to have a sense of urgency to win when the time is right - and that time is now. The 49ers have set themselves up nicely for the future with a new stadium and a coaching staff that has the durability to be around for a while. However, the critical pieces that make up their core of talented players may not be together for a great while.

I - like all of you - have seen players come and go due to free agency, injury, trades, retirement, and whatever else could affect an NFL roster. Players like Randy Moss and Justin Smith are veterans of this game that could be growing closer to retirement - and Smith himself has acknowledged it. "Your team isn't always stacked forever," he said to

I don't want to sound like a pundit who knows exactly what is happening with the 49ers when I say they need to win now, I just see the potential and want the 49ers to reach it. I want them to earn that sixth Lombardi Trophy to proudly display at their new stadium. If nothing else, I want it because I was born and raised on 49er football and I want to see them succeed. The time for the 49ers to win is now and nobody's got it better than us.

Food for thought: Do you feel a sense of urgency for the 49ers to win now or do you think they'll do/have done well to build a perennial contender?

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