San Francisco 49ers Acquire OL Leonard Davis: Fan Reaction

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The San Francisco 49ers did not particularly address their gaping hole at right guard in the 2012 NFL Draft back in April -- at least not right away as they picked a wide receiver and running back in the first two rounds -- but they did end up picking offensive linemen in both the third and sixth rounds. The position of right guard is the only one on the offensive line that does not have a returning starter as both Adam Snyder and Chilo Rachal are now with different teams.

While I know the 49ers plan to start Alex Boone at right guard for the 2012 season there is no such thing as a guarantee at any position. There is always Daniel Kilgore, but the 49ers understand that he lacks the experience and likely won't do as well as Boone. Not to mention with third round draft pick Joe Looney coming off of serious foot surgery, the 49ers needed some insurance at right guard -- and they got it.

The 49ers signed three-time Pro Bowl selection Leonard Davis to a one-year contract. While I trust in the 49ers' decision-making abilities, I'm not sold on Davis just yet. I do like that he is a veteran and was a starter for 10 years with the Arizona Cardinals and Dallas Cowboys, so he has experience. However, he didn't play a single game in 2011 and underwent offseason foot surgery. Not to mention Davis is 33 years old and close to 400 lbs -- meaning he could be worse for the wear.

I just hope that everything goes well with Alex Boone at right guard because Davis could be more of a liability than an insurance policy. I'm extremely nervous that his foot surgery is going to impede his ability to be an effective contributor for the San Francisco 49ers. I'm not sure why the team let go of Snyder, or if it was his choice, but I really liked him at right guard for the team. He added a veteran leadership that was tangible and did a good job of protecting QB Alex Smith.

Time will only tell how Boone will fit in on the offensive line, but I sure hope that he makes his presence known with positive play. As for Davis, I hope that he remains an insurance plan and isn't counted on for any more than a few snaps per game if even that. It'll be interesting to see what he can do after surgery and being away from football for such a long period of time.

When looking at Davis from an objective point of view, his status as a three-time Pro Bowl selection carries some weight and hopefully he will be an adequate possibility at right guard should the 49ers need him. In any case, any additional depth that the 49ers can acquire at this point in time, especially when it comes to the offensive line, is appreciated.

Food for thought: What do the rest of you think about the signing of Leonard Davis? Will he work out as a backup for the offensive line or does his time away from football combined with his foot surgery create a cause for concern?

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