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San Francisco 49ers’ 30-point Performance Against Green Bay Packers Significant: Fan Breakdown

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Working on Sundays has its perks. I usually get to relax a bit during the day seeing as most people are enjoying their days at church, brunch, shopping with their families, and whatever else people may do on Sundays. I also have the opportunity to get things done at work that a busy day wouldn't allow, such as aimlessly organizing things I have been meaning to.

However, with football season now upon us, there is one major drawback and I don't think I have to explain it to any of you (although, I will). I don't get to watch my beloved San Francisco 49ers unless they're playing a Sunday Night Football or Monday Night Football game. Regardless, the 49ers handled their business on Sunday, September 9 against the dreaded Green Bay Packers -- the NFC's Super Bowl pick according to many analysts --and did so with a stout defense and improved offense. In fact, while the defense may have been the dominating factor in this game, it was the offense that impressed me most.

Once I finished watching the game on DVR earlier in the day (September 10), I realized something: the 49ers' offense already looks leaps and bounds better than it has in a long, long time.

First off, the amount of points they scored is significant. Not just because it preserved the victory with the Packers charging late in the game, but because champions score points. More specifically, I'm talking about the 30-point mark that the 49ers notched in the game.

In the last five seasons (2007-2011) the 49ers have scored 30-plus points in a game -- win or loss -- a total of 11 times. That's right, over the course of 80 regular season NFL games the 49ers have managed to put up 30-plus points a meager 13.75 percent of the time.

"But David, what does scoring 30-plus points in a game have to do with being a Super Bowl champion?"

So glad you asked devoted reader.

Over the last five seasons (2007-2011), the five Super Bowl champions have combined for a staggering 30 games of scoring 30-plus points. That means the Super Bowl champs have scored 30-plus points in 37.5 percent of their regular season games since 2007. This also averages out to six 30-plus point games per season. (The highest total of 30-plus point games is nine by the New Orleans Saints in 2009 and the lowest total of four occurred twice; once in 2008 by the Pittsburgh Steelers and once in 2011 by the New York Giants.)

With that, the 49ers now have one 30-point performance under their belt and need just five more over the last 15 games before they reach the average of the last five Super Bowl champions -- hopefully indicating the 49ers as even more of a serious contender in 2012 than I already expect them to be with their stifling defense.

30-point games certainly are not the entire key to being a Super Bowl champion, but obviously the more times the 49ers score 30-plus points and their defense continues to hold opposing team to low point totals, the more games the 49ers will win this season. Maybe the team is knocking on the door of another 13-3 season.

Food for thought: How important is it for the 49ers to score points in support of their defense? Will the 49ers win more games this year with their defense or their offense? How much offense do the 49ers really need in order to reach Super Bowl XLVII?

David is co-founder of wrapupp sports blog where fresh content is posted daily and present sports blogs and sports opinions -- all with a West Coast bias. Growing up in the Bay Area, David is a huge supporter of all the local sports teams; the Giants, Athletics, Warriors, Sharks, 49ers, and Raiders. His one fault, admittedly, as many of his friends and family would say, is his love for the Los Angeles Lakers. Growing up, Magic Johnson was his favorite basketball player and he fell in love with the team. He chalks it up to, "Not knowing any better". Now his love for sports has turned just as academic as it is intuitive and he follows most all sports all over the nation.

You can follow David on Twitter: @officialwrapupp


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