What they said: Dustin Johnson

PGA Tour

MORE INTERVIEWS: Deutsche Bank Championship transcripts archiveQ. Third straight day in the 60s. You got to 65 today. How were you able to take advantage of this golf course?

DUSTIN JOHNSON:Well, there wasn't a lot of wind today, and unlike yesterday I drove it in the fairway all day today, except for 18. I think that's the only one I missed. That's the key for me is I've got to hit it in the fairway. I like this golf course. It sets up well for me off the tee, and today I hit the driver well.

Q. As you walked over here you kind of shook your head and you had a smile on your face like wow, that could have been really, really good. Is 65 not really, really good?

DUSTIN JOHNSON:Yeah, it was. I played really well today, but I left a few out there. I made bogey on 6 and on 16, both with 9-irons from the fairway. That's not very good.

I chunked it on 6 and then just blocked one right on 16, but those were the only two bad swings I made all day, and unfortunately I made bogey on both of them.

Q. Assess your round today.

DUSTIN JOHNSON:It was really good. I drove it well. That's the key for me out here is driving it in the fairway. And then really struck my irons well and rolled some nice putts in. But it could have been really good today. I left a few out for sure, but I think we can all say we leave a few out there every day.

But just made a couple bogeys with 9-iron from the fairway. As well as I played today, I shouldn't have done that.

Q. You say this golf course fits your eye. Why?

DUSTIN JOHNSON:Well, just off the tee, the whole shape, the way I like it. I think it just really sets up well for me. You know, yesterday I did not drive it in the fairway, which if you looked at my scorecard you could tell, I made a lot of bogeys and a double and a bunch of birdies. But today I drove it in the fairway and hit a lot of great shots.

Q. Do you have one more round in you?

DUSTIN JOHNSON:Yeah, got to play well tomorrow.

Q. You're driving it so well, it's making it fun to hit wedges into some of those hole locations, isn't it?

DUSTIN JOHNSON:Yeah, it is. When I can drive it straight, golf is always fun. Playing from the fairway is a lot nicer than the rough, especially out here because the greens are firm and fast, so you've got to be able to control the spin coming into these flag locations because they like to stick them in the corners, and you've just got to be able to control your ball from the fairway to do that.

Q. I've heard a lot of media talking about you don't have a very good short game. They don't have a clue on what's going on. Some of the chips that you hit today, the one you hit, the par-5 out of that rough, judging it at 7 and getting it up-and-down at 18, that's as good as it gets out here.

DUSTIN JOHNSON:Yeah, I would have to disagree if anybody says I don't have a good short game because I think I do. I've got a good bunker game, good short game. Where I would say I struggle a little bit, where I could improve a lot is wedge game, say 125 to 75 or even to 50 yards, I could definitely improve there. But as far as short game, pitching and putting, bunker shots around the green, I'm very good.

Q. Every putt you made today was right in the middle. You really got a good feel on those greens right now?

DUSTIN JOHNSON:Yeah, I rolled the putter good. I got a lot of good reads, and the ball -- the putter is coming out where I'm looking and they're going in the hole.

Q. Talk about the fact that there's a lot going on this week, and you're kind of separating yourself from some of the other guys that are in the mix for a Ryder Cup. I'm sure that's not part of the equation, but yet you are doing what you need to do to get in that position. How does that make you feel?

DUSTIN JOHNSON:Well, it feels good. I know I'm coming into this week, I've got to play well. I played well last week, and coming into this week I'm feeling good, confident with my game, and I need to play well. It's one of those things where it can't hurt to play good golf, especially when he's picking on Tuesday morning. You know, it's -- I mean, you need to play well, so there's that extra pressure, especially with the Playoffs. I mean, it's the Playoffs so you want to play well for that, too. I really want to make that Ryder Cup team. That's a big goal for me. I really enjoy playing on the team. I really think that I would be a good asset to the team, and I'll be able to help them hopefully get the trophy back.

You know, I just need to go out tomorrow and focus one shot at a time and play my game. Right now I'm playing really well.

Q. Do you think you've done enough to make your case?

DUSTIN JOHNSON:I don't know. It's up to the captain to decide that. As far as me personally, yeah, of course I think I have.

Q. Just assess your round today.

DUSTIN JOHNSON:Round today was really good. I drove it really well. I hit it down the middle pretty much every fairway, and I really struck my irons well today, controlling the distance. I was hitting it close, having good looks on every hole.