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Rundown, Effects of the Los Angeles Dodgers' Injuries

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COMMENTARY│ Keeping up with the Los Angeles Dodgers is harder than Keeping Up With the Kardashians, only in Dodgers land everything is unscripted.

No one could have foreseen the injuries the team would sustain this early in the season, with the exception of Chad Billingsley, whom most people rightly thought should have underwent surgery during the offseason.

Even the most avid fan may have trouble remembering who is out and when he'll be back. So this is your rundown and explanation of how each injury is affecting the team.

Chad Billingsley

This is probably the biggest blow for the Dodgers because he'll be out for the rest of the season, thanks to undergoing Tommy John surgery April 24.

More than anything, this will affect the team right now when so many of its pitchers are already injured. Hopefully, the Dodgers won't lose many games as a result, but, if they do, that will obviously affect their playoff position, if they make it.

Chris Capuano

Out of all of the Dodgers' injuries, this is one of the least crucial, and therefore will have little impact on the team.

Chris Capuano is expected to start rehab April 27 for a strained left calf that he sustained in that now-infamous fight with the San Diego Padres. The pitcher is expected to possibly return in early May.

This is good news for the Dodgers because he'll be out only a few weeks and won't miss too many games, but also because it's something that has nothing to do with his arm. He can continue to throw and work on his pitching while his calf heals.

Scott Elbert

Scott Elbert has never done great things for the Dodgers, so greatness has never been expected of him. However, at this this point, it would be nice to add average players to their pitching staff.

That's what they can expect to get when Elbert rejoins the team in late April from his January elbow surgery. As of April 14, Elbert was "throwing hard from flat ground," according to the team's website.

This is another guy who will help re-pad the Dodgers' once-bountiful bullpen.

Zack Greinke

This is probably the most high-profile injury the Dodgers' have sustained, and it's also a crucial one. After Zack Greinke broke his collarbone, he underwent surgery fairly quickly, but he's still not expected to rejoin the Dodgers until mid-June.

Not only is this a huge blow to the Dodgers in terms of pitching power, but the front office is likely feeling it in their pockets. The sooner he can get back, the better everyone will feel.

It's also important to keep in mind that Greinke broke the collarbone on his non-pitching side, which should help a little more in recovery.

Hanley Ramirez

Lump this in with Greinke and Billingsley as the top three worst injuries to the Dodgers so far this season.

According to, Hanley Ramirez is likely to start rehabbing with a minor-league team any day now. Recently, manager Don Mattingly also praised Ramirez's throwing improvement.

Shawn Tolleson

There's no return on the horizon for Shawn Tolleson, who has been out with a herniated disk. This will have little to no effect on the team, though.

The pitcher only played in one game this year in Greinke's absence, and that appearance garnered two walks from two batters.

He had back surgery on April 25.

Natalie Saar has been writing about Los Angeles sports for several years and has been published in the LA Times and Sports Illustrated. You can find her on Twitter @NatalieSaar.

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