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The new season is just 23 days away, so we felt it was about time to launch our @Rotoworld_PL private leagues for the 2014/15 Yahoo Fantasy Premier League game.

Join the Yahoo Fantasy Premier League game

Leagues 1, 2 & 3 are open for business full! The details to join the additional leagues are below ...

@Rotoworld_PL League 1
League ID: 5635
Password: broai

@Rotoworld_PL League 2
League ID: 6769
Password: t1jse5q

@Rotoworld_PL League 3
League ID: 6989
Password: 5jr47s

@Rotoworld_PL League 4
League ID:7390

@Rotoworld_PL League 5
League ID: 8033
Password: fndpwfs

@Rotoworld_PL League 6
League ID: 8833
Password: y8v0ldo

Each Yahoo Fantasy Premier League private leagues is limited to 100 teams, so once the first is full we'll open the next one. We're currently undecided on how many there will be in total, but we're looking to beat the seven leagues we had last season. Once the number of leagues are finalised we'll be running our regular knockout @Rotoworld_PL Cup competition from October onwards, which will include all fantasy teams across the private leagues, with progress to each round decided by the 'weekly performance' league stats. More details on exactly how the competition will work will follow later in the season, but it will take a similar format to last year.

Follow the RotoWorld_PL team on Twitter: Galin | Jeremy | Neal | Nik | Steve

If you haven't join up to the new look Yahoo Fantasy Premier League game yet then you should do so now, as everyone who gets a spot in our @Rotoworld_PL private leagues will have a chance of Cup glory. You can play via the web, or by downloading the Yahoo Fantasy Soccer app for IOS or Android.

Get involved!

PLEASE ONLY JOIN ONE LEAGUE. Any team found to be in multiple leagues will be removed. This is to ensure everyone gets a fair chance of getting a spot in the Cup competition. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.