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Roto Position Primer: Shooting Guard

Matt Buser
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Shooting guard is not a top-heavy position, but it makes up for its low number of early picks with very good depth overall and a variety of upside candidates in the later rounds. Only three players with shooting guard eligibility have a current ADP inside the first two rounds, but 15 players have an ADP that places them in Rounds 5-7 and the final rounds feature a number of excellent options relative to their cost. In general, you'll want to look for one of three things from your shooting guards: high-volume offense, high-efficiency offense, or diverse multi-category lines. The shooting guard position also tends to produce three-point and steals specialists in the mid-to-late rounds.

Position averages, top 25 shooting guards in year-end Yahoo! rank
09-10 - 45% FG, 80% FT, 1.4 3PM, 17.4 PTS, 4.2 REB, 3.8 AST, 2.1 TO, 1.3 STL, 0.3 BLK
08-09 - 46% FG, 81% FT, 1.4 3PM, 17.9 PTS, 4.3 REB, 3.7 AST, 2.1 TO, 1/3 STL, 0.4 BLK

The rankings below are for nine-category roto leagues. “ADP” numbers are as of 10/11 and “09-10” denotes a player’s year-end rank from the 2009-10 season

Tier 1 ADP 09-10 Notes
Dwyane Wade(notes) 5.9 6 Efficiency gains and d-stat boost should help offset usage loss
Kobe Bryant(notes) 5.8 17 Showed legendary durability last season, few doubts he could do it again
Tier 2 ADP 09-10 Notes
Andre Iguodala(notes) 24.1 26 FT% a bit of a drag but fills it up and FG% should improve under Collins
Brandon Roy(notes) 23.9 66 Draft freely near the end of r2 in roto and rejoice if he falls to you in r3
Tier 3 ADP 09-10 Notes
Manu Ginobili(notes) 40.7 16 Freakish performer doesn't need more than 27 minutes to justify r3
Tyreke Evans(notes) 31.6 71 A bit less ideal for roto due to average-ish percentages, limited 3PM
Monta Ellis(notes) 31.5 61 A bargain or a bust in r3, but all the early signs have been very good
Joe Johnson(notes) 28.0 29 Shying away from him because of the move to a motion system in ATL
Tier 4 ADP 09-10 Notes
Jason Richardson(notes) 53.0 40 Hard to envision scenarios where J-Rich has anything but a huge season
Kevin Martin(notes) 51.6 143 Will help decide league champs if he stays healthy, but those are bad odds
Paul Pierce(notes) 37.5 35 Rest down the stretch means less in roto, overall rank is what matters
Tier 5 ADP 09-10 Notes
Stephen Jackson(notes) 48.2 48 He's an asset, but you need efficiency elsewhere to balance his numbers
Raymond Felton(notes) 60.4 59 A great system, but decision-making and shot selection are up to him
Caron Butler(notes) 77.5 65 All the vibes so far point to this draft position being a serious bargain
Gilbert Arenas(notes) 60.0 235 Three seasons removed from top-10 impact, how much can he get back?
Trevor Ariza(notes) 78.2 87 Great 3PM+STL+BLK, and fewer attempts should lessen his %s impact
Ray Allen(notes) 61.5 30 A brilliant complement if your draft has a less-than-efficient start
Jason Terry(notes) 74.1 38 True roto impact, heavily reliant on efficiency, is perennially underrated
O.J. Mayo(notes) 64.3 43 No real upside or downside from this spot given the team continuity
Tier 6 ADP 09-10 Notes
Hedo Turkoglu(notes) 75.9 115 I still think he's in for a good season, but not so sure it happens at PF
Marcus Thornton(notes) 75.2 104 Being pegged as a reserve is a bummer, but he'll still be a key for the team
Eric Gordon(notes) 83.6 145 Could be a sneaky-good sleeper pick after struggling with injury in 09-10
John Salmons(notes) 82.1 42 Maggette demands some usage but Salmons' role overall is secure
Tier 7 ADP 09-10 Notes
Jamal Crawford(notes) 78.4 47 Similar role, but his usage will drop in the team’s new motion offense
Vince Carter(notes) 84.9 67 It's hard to envision anything but modest improvements as a best-case
Mike Miller(notes) 110.5 140 Will have a consistent role and his looks will be of the utmost quality
Nicolas Batum(notes) 112.2 191 Locked into the starting SF spot, think Battier with much better offense
Anthony Morrow(notes) 101.1 68 Won't hurt you anywhere, but 3PM will be the only substantial positive
Reggie Williams(notes) 134.4 236 Talented scorer will be a factor as a reserve; Ellis tends to miss games too
Tier 8 ADP 09-10 Notes
Leandro Barbosa(notes) 126.6 261 His offensive skills are unique in TOR, but the depth chart is crowded
Dorell Wright(notes) 147.7 142 Lots of opportunity as the starting SF, but it's up to him to seize it
Linas Kleiza(notes) 135.0 na Slated to start at SF and should emerge as No.2 scoring option
J.R. Smith(notes) 108.4 106 Reports have been good so far, but Afflalo will keep his impact in check
Rodney Stuckey(notes) 107.8 117 Yet to show signs of a significant fantasy ceiling, particularly for roto
George Hill(notes) 123.8 102 A safe option here, but only so much ceiling while everyone is healthy
Jeff Teague(notes) na 290 It would be a real surprise if he isn’t starting over Bibby in short order
Terrence Williams(notes) 128.0 238 Counting stats should be good, but the %s could really be a downer
Ben Gordon(notes) 126.4 177 Won't be as bad as last season but only so many minutes available here
Jarrett Jack(notes) 136.6 85 Strict platoon will limit the fantasy potential of both Jack and Calderon
Tier 9 ADP 09-10 Notes
Ramon Sessions(notes) 147.8 254 Specifics of his role are TBD, but will be firmly in the minutes mix
Louis Williams(notes) 143.0 82 Impressive per-minute production, but the depth chart is crowded
Francisco Garcia(notes) na 289 Will be a rotation mainstay and could still end up starting at SF
Ronnie Brewer(notes) na 169 Very specific contributions include the most STL you can find this late
James Harden(notes) 144.2 134 Immense offensive talent will challenge Thabo for the starting gig
Evan Turner(notes) 106.3 na Expectations have to be tempered with a reserve role and team makeup
Kirk Hinrich(notes) 140.9 103 Should see steady run as the primary backup at both guard spots
Rodrigue Beaubois(notes) 144.8 228 Still dealing with foot issues, but will be a fantasy factor at some point
Tier 10 ADP 09-10 Notes
Mike Dunleavy 143.0 175 Zero risk here, given that he'll start as long as his knee is truly healthy
Josh Childress(notes) 145.2 na Easy to like the skills/system match, but how many minutes are there?
Omri Casspi(notes) 145.2 179 He's yet to distinguish himself in the battle for the starting SF spot
C.J. Miles(notes) na 193 Prep-to-pro vet could step up his offensive game in his sixth season
DeMar DeRozan(notes) 138.4 200 Supreme athlete figures to be a few years away from a complete game
J.J. Redick(notes) na 137 Makes sense as a handcuff to VC and as a deep-league spot starter
Arron Afflalo(notes) na 128 Career 40% 3PM but his usage and minutes are capped on this team
Wesley Matthews(notes) na 132 Inherits Rudy's minutes and Roy has been known to miss some games
Grant Hill(notes) na 79 Plays full seasons now but plenty of company on the wings in PHO
Carlos Delfino(notes) na 90 Made fans last season but Maggette will challenge for playing time
Marco Belinelli(notes) na 225 Certainly garners some interest as the starting SG, but Thornton will play
Richard Hamilton(notes) 137.4 226 There are worse options this late, assuming his FG% rebounds
Ron Artest(notes) 121.3 109 Some steals and threes but his line isn't exactly suited for the roto game
Josh Howard(notes) 143.1 285 Easy to forget he's 30 years old, hard to envision a return to prominence
Tier 11 ADP 09-10 Notes
Corey Brewer(notes) na 148 Hard to see anything but a platoon-like situation at SG for the T- Wolves
Courtney Lee(notes) na 80 Gets a mention as a deep-league bench option and handcuff for KevMart
Chase Budinger(notes) na 166 Solid when he got minutes as a rookie, but Battier's defense gets starts
Kyle Korver(notes) na 216 Knocks down a few threes but literally nothing else for the fantasy game
Raja Bell(notes) na 352 Could start but only got so much to offer at this stage of the game
Brandon Rush(notes) na 116 Suspension, Dunleavy, and rookie George all working against him
Daniel Gibson(notes) na 244 Has impressed in camp so far and could push for minutes at SG
Randy Foye(notes) na 184 Should be a factor at some point, given that he’s behind B-Diddy
Martell Webster(notes) na 129 Should challenge for minutes thanks to his consistent outside shot
Kelenna Azubuike(notes) 143.9 335 His knee is iffy but will be in the SG mix if he can get back to 100%
Thabo Sefolosha(notes) na 124 Solid defensive numbers largely offset by a complete lack of offense
Goran Dragic(notes) na 194 His fantasy impact is completely tied to Nash’s minutes/health
Jared Dudley(notes) na 95 Solid in his reserve role last season but now facing uncertain minutes
Mickael Pietrus(notes) na 165 Could end up starting at SF but it's not a real position to succeed
Sonny Weems(notes) na 211 Athletic finisher will get some run if DeRozan isn't ready for primetime
Tracy McGrady(notes) 133.9 314 How many minutes can he handle and who does he steal them from?
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