Ronda Rousey's Manager Reacts to Cyborg's Doctor Putting Brakes on 135 Pounds

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Ronday Rousey's Manager Reacts to Cyborg's Doctor Putting Brakes on 135 Pounds

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Darin Harvey (pictured) calls shenanigans on Cyborg's doctor. Photo by Erik Fontanez

Following a report that said Cris "Cyborg's" doctors refused to sign off on a weight cut for the former Strikeforce champion's move to 135 pounds, Ronda Rousey's management is calling shenanigans.

Darin Harvey, who represents Rousey in her MMA dealings, said on Tuesday that Cyborg's inability to make the women's bantamweight division is simply the opinion of one physician, and guarantees other doctors would easily give a green light for the weight cut.

"If you ask five doctors, you'll get five different opinions," Harvey said in an exclusive interview. "I guarantee you, you can find doctors that'll say the weight cut will be fine."

Harvey speculated that the doctor, who went unnamed in the report, is working in the favor of his patient in an effort to force a potential Rousey-Cyborg bout at 145 pounds.

"It all depends on what side they're working for," Harvey said. "It's her doctor. If you're going to trial, I can find a professional witness to make you look innocent or make you look guilty."

As Cyborg is currently serving a suspension for performance-enhancing drugs, she can't compete until after January 2013. At that time, Strikeforce is expected to fold and fighters from the organization will presumably transition over to the UFC. It's anticipated that Rousey and Cyborg will be part of the company's first women's division.

Harvey said that a bout between his client and Cyborg has the potential to have over a million Pay-Per-View buys. And although he's confident Rousey can beat the suspended fighter regardless of weight class, Harvey said he believes the 135-pound limit is still a realistic goal for Cyborg -- assuming there's no drugs involved.

"We want that fight because it's a big money fight," he said. "We want to fight Cyborg and I think Ronda can beat her at any weight. But I believe if she's not taking drugs, 135 pounds will be absolutely no problem.

"I don't want to see anyone get hurt long-term … but my personal belief is she can lose the weight. She would just prefer an advantage to fight at 145 pounds. And I think we have the advantage at 135."

When asked if he and his client would consider having the fight at 145 pounds, Harvey wasn't entirely closed to the idea. Ultimately, Rousey has the final decision, Harvey said, and although he would advise against moving up in weight, it's something they would have to consider.

Given the magnitude of the bout, and the potential for it to be in the UFC, they have little choice but to give it a thought.

"At the end of the day, it's up to Ronda," Harvey said in response to Rousey considering the move up in weight. "I would advise against it because I would like to do everything to get Cyborg down to 135 pounds, but I know it's the fight the world wants to see.

"I think it's a million-plus Pay-Per-View fight, so we have to take those things into consideration."

Harvey refused to comment further about when Rousey will debut in the UFC.

Erik Fontanez is an MMA writer and reporter for the Yahoo! Contributor Network. Follow Erik on Twitter at @Erik_Fontanez

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