Ronda Rousey Scoring Knock Out Punches with the Media, but Will She Get Knocked Out by Sarah Kaufman?: Fan's Look

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Update on Rousey, Cyborg, Tate and Kaufman, the Fab Four Female MMA Fighters: Fan Reaction

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Ronda Rousey, Strikeforce champion

Strikeforce champion, Ronda Rousey appeared on Fuel TV's "Ultimate Insider" with host Jon Anik to discuss her upcoming title defense against former Strikeforce champion, Sarah Kaufman.

Ronda believes she presents a very different challenge to Sarah. "She can go to Greg Jackson's and talk to whoever she thinks will help her out, but she's not going to find anyone like me or anyone who knows how to prepare for someone like me."

But, Will Ronda Rousey Get Knocked Out by Sarah Kaufman's Straight Punches?

Against Kaufman, Ronda said that she expects Sarah to keep her at a distance with straight punches.

"Whenever Miesha [Tate] would try to come in, she'd stuff her take downs and punch straight."

Ronda believes that Sarah doesn't have anyone to train with who grapples like her.

"Right now, Sarah Kaufman has 100% of my attention," Ronda said. video

That seems hard to imagine with so much attention from the media and fans, how does Ronda keep her feet on the ground and her head in the game?

Amazingly, Ronda seems to be handling life in the spotlight just fine.

All Access Ronda Rousey preview video

In the preview to her Showtime "All Access" show, Ronda has a lot to say about her level of confidence regarding her body and how people judge the way she looks.

Ronda is doing what she can to keep her feet on the ground as her star power grows. Facing the ESPN nude photo shoot was a challenge for her. She's shown in the preview nervously cracking her knuckles as she talks about being seen naked.

Ronda is an interesting character. Besides the fact that she's been to the Olympics and won a bronze medal in judo--and is now defending her Strikeforce championship title for the first time--Ronda is complex. She has an ability to connect with any audience because she has an opinion and is conversant on many topics, not just sports or MMA.

She's a likeable girl.

That makes Ronda a marketer's dream, like Marlen Esparza

Marlen Esparza, who is currently competing as one of the first women to box in the Olympics has generated lucrative sponsorships from Cover Girl cosmetics, Coke and even McDonald's. The commercials are hilarious video

Olympics News (spoiler) Update: On August 8, The LA Times reported from the London 2012 Olympics, "...flyweight Marlen Esparza wasn't so lucky, losing her semifinal to Ren Cancan of China , 10-8. Esparza, who said Wednesday's fight would be her last, will come home with a bronze medal -- the first boxing medal won by a U.S. woman." source

Congratulations to Marlen Esparza...maybe Marlen will consider MMA as her next step. The more Olympians who know how to fight and compete at high levels, the merrier.

It's Ronda's MMA World

MMA is a strong base for Ronda Rousey. She could definitely follow Gina Carano and have a career as a movie actress--or maybe a better fit would be a TV talk show personality.

Win or lose: no matter what happens on August 18th, fans will be treated to a great fight and more people will fall under Ronda Rousey's spell.

Even future contender, Liz Carmouche, is getting on board. On Twitter, Liz made a request, "@RondaRousey is on @ConanOBrien tonight! Maybe she'll mention the 1st openly gay War Vet/ @Strikeforce @InvictaFights Fighter".

Ronda retweeted Liz's request and responded with, "@iamgirlrilla @ConanOBrien @Strikeforce @InvictaFights If it comes up, I definitely will."

Source: All sources noted, Twitter

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