Ronda Rousey Nude on Cover of ESPN 'the Body Issue': Fan's Look

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Eating ice cream and playing Donkey Kong on the couch for a few weeks following her devastation of Miesha Tate to claim the championship title has done very little damage to Strikeforce champion, Ronda Rousey's physique.

Soon after listening to UFC middleweight Mark Munoz talk about dropping hammer fist "Donkey Kong" punches on his upcoming opponent, Chris Weidman at UFC on Fuel 4, Strikeforce champion, I'm now listening to Ronda Rousey mention her love for the game in her "behind the scenes" ESPN the Body Issue video.

Ronda said she struggled with body issues as a child. She's not struggling anymore.

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If Ronda wasn't a household name before now, she soon will be...

Giving ring girl, Brittney Palmer, a run her her money, some of the shots appearing in the latest edition of the popular magazine leave little to the imagination. The important parts are covered in the photos I've seen, but just barely. Ronda has a tattoo of the Olympic rings and she's sporting a belly ring.

@MMAjunkieDann tweeted the following info: "ESPN the Mag is doing 6 different covers for the Body Issue. Of 27 total athletes, MMA's @RondaRousey is one of the 6. Newsstands July 13".

It's hard to argue with Ronda's success. She definitely has the "it" factor and a recognizable look. As far as her body goes, if she ever appears in an action adventure movie, she won't ever be considered "fat or chunky". Ronda has what it takes to become a major icon as a cross-over star.

Most of the female MMA fighters currently on the scene have been woefully left behind Ronda as far as marketing themselves. Ronda's Olympic experience prepared her for much more stardom than most of her female competitors can handle.

I'm looking forward to seeing how Ronda's opponent, Sarah Kaufman, handles herself in her skin-tight latex full coverage suit that both women wore for their soon to be released Strikeforce promo video ahead of their big title fight on August 18th on Showtime.

Ronda is a marketing genius

Ronda demonstrated her marketing genius in the months and weeks leading up to her last fight against Miesha Tate. That fight pushed Gina Carano back and out of the MMA spotlight. Gina has moved on to less dangerous work as a movie star.

This time around, Ronda is letting her body doing the talking.

Well, at least this week. No doubt, the Ronda interview train will continue to gather steam in the weeks leading up to her first title defense against Sarah Kaufman.

Source: all sources noted, Twitter

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