Will Ronda Rousey and Jason Miller Become MMA's New "It" Couple? Fan's View

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Will Jason "Mayhem" Miller and "Rowdy" Ronda Rousey be MMA's next "it" couple?

Make no mistake. They are not currently dating, but the rumors have been swirling since they publicly exchanged lovey-dovey back-and-forth tweets over the past few months.

The pair have apparently never met, but galsguidetomma.com reports that they have been "totally cute" with each other this month on Twitter.

Looking into the matter further, it appears that Miller (@mayhemmiller) initiated the exchange in early-March by tweeting "Last night I had a dream I slept with Rhonda Rousey, and now my elbow is dislocated."

Miller managed to have two epic failures in one short 140-character tweet, as he spelled Rousey's first name wrong, along with the fact that he made an ungentlemanly reference to having her in bed. The tweet came on March 5, just two days after Rousey tapped out Miesha Tate with a gruesome armbar.

Rousey apparently didn't mind and found it to be comical enough to reply "that wasn't a dream, I just put you to sleep first =P."

For a sport that features many limb-mangling submissions and knockout-inducing strikes, it's no surprise that mixed martial arts doesn't have many cute, romantic, mushy moments.

There are a handful of MMA couples, as Cristiane Santos is married to Evangelista Santos, and Miesha Tate is dating Bryan Caraway.

Miller and Rousey aren't dating, but "Mayhem" kept the Twitter lovefest going by responding again on March 5, as he tweeted "don't fricken tease me with that @RondaRousey! If we were about to hump I would've hit pads and grappled for 10 minutes so I dont gas out."

That was fail No. 2 for Miller, once again making a sexual reference to a women he never met.

Rousey, the 25-year-old Strikeforce women's bantamweight champ, had some fun with the flirtations, as she replied on May 3 to a tweet from Miller that said "@mayhemmiller: @RondaRousey cool.I am currently #twacking."

Rousey's reply was "lol does that mean what I think it means? Or do u just put my mind in the gutter?"

Miller then wrote "come on girl, your mind is already in the gutter, I just roll it over and have my way with it."

Rousey's immediate response was "@mayhemmiller lmao damn! We haven't even formally met yet and you already know me way too well mr miller...."

In the leadup to her fight against Miesha Tate in March, Rousey took to Twitter to engage in a classic "beef" that captivated the interest of the MMA community. The buildup to her fight in August against Sarah Kaufman is becoming more noted for the back-and-forth exchanges between her and Miller.

Perhaps Miller should tone down the sexual nature of his comments and start tweeting in a romantic, respectful manner if he hopes to win Rousey over.

Eric Holden is a lifelong UFC fan and supporter of the sport of mixed martial arts. Follow him on Twitter @ericholden.

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