Robinson Cano Reaction: New York Yankees Win by Losing Cano

The Yankees -- Finally -- Do the Smart Thing by Not Over-Paying for Cano

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COMMENTARY | Robinson Cano is an ex-member of the New York Yankees, having taken a monstrous 10-year, $240-million deal from the Seattle Mariners and run off to the Great Northwest.

My reaction? Good. It's about time the Yankees drew a line in the sand and didn't give a player too much money and, more importantly, too many years.

Cano's deal in Seattle will take him until he's 41 years old. What kind of player will Cano be the last four or five years of that deal? See Alex Rodriguez, Jason Giambi, Albert Pujols and others for how those monstrously long deals usually work out.

They are an awful, horrid idea. It's about time the Yankees finally learned.

Sure, the Yankees would be better right now if they had gotten Cano to sign. And, yes, I am a little surprised that the Yankees didn't go beyond their $170-$75-million offer. They could have gone to seven years and $200 million if they really wanted to. Obviously, though, they didn't want to do that.

I have absolutely zero problem with it. Cano is a great hitter. Is he an iconic, franchise-changing player for the Yankees? No. He has never been an MVP. He has hit 30 home runs once. His career-high in RBI is 118. He's special, but not THAT special. Besides, how many more years does he have at that level? That, truthfully, is the point.

It's about time the Yankees said enough is enough and stopped handing out contracts that would take players several years past their prime. You can argue they just did that with outfielder Jacoby Ellsbury, a deal that will take him to age 37. Still, 37 is not 41 and seven years isn't 10. The Ellsbury deal is a much better allocation of resources.

The short-term question for the Yankees is can they use the money they just saved to improve the roster? Maybe they can land free-agent Omar Infante to play second base. Maybe Shin-Soo Choo or Carlos Beltran can replace some of the offense that just went to Seattle. They need to find some starting pitching, and now they have money to do that.

This might be a win for Cano's bank account, and maybe today it seems like a loss for the Yankees. In reality, it's a win for the Yankees. Bye, Robby! Have fun being rich, and irrelevant, with the Mariners. The Yankees will end up better off.

-- Ed Valentine is editor of Big Blue View, covering the New York Giants for SB Nation. He writes about the Giants and Yankees for Yahoo.

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