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Rip Curl Pro Portugal Comes to an Exciting End: Fan View

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The Rip Curl Pro Portugal came to an end on Friday, October 19, 2012. The day's surf action started in the morning with the last heat of Round 5. It ended later in the day with a nail-biting final. Here's a quick rundown on some of the results:

Quarterfinals Results

The highest single wave score of the quarterfinals was earned by Gabriel Medina (BRA). During his Heat 1 matchup against Josh Kerr (AUS), Gabriel Medina managed to execute a 9.77 point ride. If you ask me, it featured a great takeoff. Gabriel Medina won the heat with 15.60 points.

Personally, I also thoroughly enjoyed watching Heat 3. Heat 3 featured Julian Wilson (AUS) and Owen Wright (AUS). Julian Wilson's best wave was an 8.03 point ride. It featured a backhand aerial. Owen Wright's best wave was an 8.17 point ride. It featured a long hand drag. If I had to pick a favorite wave between the two, it would have to be Julian Wilson's 8.03 point ride because of the aerial. Julian Wilson eventually won the surf heat with 15.13 points.

Other memorable moments in the quarterfinals were Joel Parkinson's (AUS) 8.07 point ride in Heat 2 and Adriano de Souza's (BRA) 8.57 point ride in Heat 4. Out of the two, I liked Joel Parkinson's ride the best. It featured a great vertical snap.

Semifinal Results

The highest single wave score of the semifinals was produced by Julian Wilson (AUS). During his Heat 2 matchup against Adriano de Souza (BRA), Wilson fired off a 9.70 point ride and a 9.57 point ride. His 9.70 point ride featured a no grab, full-rotation aerial. After witnessing it, I couldn't help but cheer him on. If you ask me, it was the best moment of the semifinals. Julian Wilson ultimately won the matchup with 19.27 points.

Final Results

The surfing competition's final heat featured Gabriel Medina (BRA) and Julian Wilson (AUS). Both surfers started out by posting mediocre scores. Julian Wilson eventually turned up the excitement by executing a 7.83 point ride. Gabriel Medina answered back with a 7.90 point ride and a 7.47 point ride. His 7.90 point ride featured a forehand grab aerial and lots of speed. It put him into the lead.

As a matter of fact, until the waning seconds of the surf heat, it looked like the high-flying Brazilian would win. Then Julian Wilson seemingly dug deep. He produced a stellar 8.43 point ride that knocked Gabriel Medina out of the top spot. It was a well-executed barrel ride. In the end, Julian Wilson won the surf heat with 16.26 points. Gabriel Medina completed the heat with 15.37 points.

Killeen Gonzalez enjoys watching water sports with her family. She also has a history of interviewing pro surfers.

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