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Rhodes Family Saving Monday Night Raw

Rhodes Family Grudge with McMahon Family is Keeping Raw Moving

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COMMENTARY | We have seen the story line run its course in various incarnations throughout the years: the boss will do anything to keep the fan-favorite wrestler from succeeding. The most recent version is playing out on WWE television now as Triple H, the COO of World Wrestling Entertainment, is doing what is "best for business" and keeping Daniel Bryan from performing well.

It started at SummerSlam when Triple H delivered The Pedigree to Daniel Bryan and handed the WWE Championship to Randy Orton. Orton became the hand-picked "face of the company" and Bryan quickly became the underdog that everyone wanted to overthrow those in charge. Stephanie McMahon has returned to television on a regular basis, delivering her unique style of corporate down-talking to the talent. The Shield was given a purpose once again as hired henchmen and the rest of the roster cowered in fear of being fired or punished by the powerful regime.

Every week, Raw had the same feel. Daniel Bryan would get the crowd on their feet chanting "YES!" only to be squashed by Triple H, Big Show, Stephanie McMahon, The Shield, Randy Orton or just about any combination of them all.

Frankly, I was getting bored.

Then, in what seemed to be a throw away segment, Cody Rhodes bumped into Triple H backstage and ended up with a match against Randy Orton. The match ultimately cost him his job as he was fired just days before his wedding.

On his way out the door, Cody got a chance to speak his mind and reminded the WWE Universe that this rivalry goes back a long time. He brought fans along for a ride to a time where his father was made to dance as "The American Dream" and when the company drove a wedge between his older brother and himself when Dustin Rhodes became Goldust. He gave the fans a very real look into the multi-generational feud between the McMahons and the Rhodes.

It put me on the edge of my seat.

The following week, Goldust returned to Monday Night Raw to fight for his younger sibling's job. It was more than just a classic match between a veteran and another second-generation star in Randy Orton. It was a storytelling moment of a son seeking redemption by defending his family, a once great star coming back for more than "one more match" and a family feud that ran deep. For a good portion of the match, it almost appeared that Goldust would reach that goal and win a match that no one felt he could. The near-falls and countered moves had fans at home and in the arena buying into every moment. The collapse of the crowd when Orton scored the pin fall revealed just how engaged every person was.

It was glorious.

This coming week, Stephanie McMahon has invited Dusty Rhodes to attend Raw. She promises a "business proposition" for him on the heels of this past week's taping of NXT, where Dusty was relieved of his duties as general manager.

Cody Rhodes and his family have drawn me back in to the Triple H power trip. They have me interested in the story again because they are showing a passion and realism that is not normally seen. The ultimate return of Cody Rhodes to feud with the corporate leadership will be monumental and so far beyond anything they are doing with Daniel Bryan currently.

This fan cannot wait to see how it all plays out.

Bill Ivie is a freelance writer that covers the St. Louis Cardinals on the Yahoo Contributor Network.

He has been a fan of WWE wrestling since his childhood and discusses the past and present of the genre with anyone willing to listen.

You can follow him on Twitter by clicking here.

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