Review of Georgia's Pro Day

Russ Lande
March 22, 2013

NFL personnel are in the thick of the Pro Day schedule traveling all over the country working out prospects. As there are so many Pro Days across the country, we cannot be everywhere at once, so we rely upon a network of NFL sources that we have built during our time working for the Rams and Browns. Below is a breakdown of what I was told by different NFL sources at the Georgia Pro Day:

Georgia: Jarvis Jones, DE/OLB; Alec Ogletree, ILB; John Jenkins, NT; Kwame Geathers, NT; Bacarri Rambo, SAF; Shawn Williams, SAF; Sanders Commings, CB.

Although Georgia has many well regarded prospects this year, there is no doubt that the primary focus on Thursday was on Jarvis Jones. After choosing not to workout at the Combine, NFL personnel were interested to see how Jones would do and those I spoke to afterwards were shocked and disappointing in his performance. It started off badly when Jones ran in the low 4.9’s on his first 40 and the high 4.8’s on his second attempt and then only vertical jumped 30 ½ and broad jumped 9’ 9. Amazingly, the highlight of Jones’ day was likely the 17 reps he did on the bench press and while this was not a great showing compared to other linebackers at the Combine it was more than many people from Georgia expected. Unfortunately, after doing the Combine testing and moving over to the positional drills, the day did not get any better for Jones. He did both pass rush drills, from a down 3-Pt stance and from an upright 2-Pt stance, and went through complete linebacker drills. While Jones looked smooth and comfortable throughout the linebacker drills, an NFL source in attendance said that Jones did not show any quickness or explosiveness during the linebacker drills. In the pass rush drills, Jones lacked burst off the ball from an upright alignment, but did flash some of the explosiveness he showed on film from a down 3-Pt stance. Overall, for Jones this was not a good day as sources told me his workout was “adequate at best” so he needs to hope that NFL teams put more stock in his on-field play than his Pro Day workout.


US PRESSWIREGeorgia linebacker Alec Ogletree skies to make an interception.

On a day when Jones was the focus and struggled, fellow linebacker and likely first round pick Alec Ogletree had a strong performance. Ogletree looks the part of an NFL linebacker when he walks onto the practice field and then confirmed his skill level as soon as he began moving around. Showing good foot quickness, agility and balance, he changed directions with ease and exploded in the other direction. For such a well-built player, Ogletree’s flexibility to flip hips and change directions so easily in the workout was impressive. Although there are no doubt still some major concerns about Ogletree’s decision making because of some of his off-field incidents, his talent level is sky high and will most likely lead to him still being a first round pick.

For a player who at times weighed 370 pounds during the season, John Jenkins showed he has been working hard this spring by weighing in the 330’s which is down nearly 20 pounds since the Combine. Not only did he lose weight, but he clearly put in the time working out as he performed well in the positional drills. On a cold and windy day where the coaches put the defensive linemen through a long workout, Jenkins did not tire or wear down during the workout and maintained a high level of competes throughout. For a big man he displayed surprisingly quickness, flexibility and all-around athleticism.

On the other hand, while Kwame Geathers also lost weight since the Combine, his performance was very disappointing. He is so tall and looked so stiff that he could not bend his knees or sink hips to work out with good leverage. He looked like a bad athlete today and really struggled anytime he had to move laterally. For a player that many have been hyping as one of the best nose tackle prospects in the country, this workout was not expected and as a source in attendance told us, Geathers looked like a sixth or seventh round prospect at best today.

Safeties Bacarri Rambo and Shawn Williams both worked out today, although Williams was clearly the better of the two. Rambo was smooth and fluid in most of the positional drills, although he struggled in the pedal, turn and run drill which accentuated the slight stiffness in his hips. Displaying soft hands and good ball skills, it was easy to see how Rambo made so many big plays in pass coverage. While Williams was not viewed as the same caliber athlete on film as Rambo, today he was quicker and decidedly better in all the drills. He did surprisingly well in the pedal, turn and run drills and made it look easy changing directions and flipping hips during the positional drills. Combining his strong workout today with his good college career and outstanding character and intangibles, a source at the workout told us that they think Williams could end up being a ten year starter in the NFL.

While he does not get the hype of any of the other Georgia prospects, cornerback Sanders Commings had an outstanding workout and is viewed as a player with premier talent who just does not get it. Blessed with great size at 6’0 and 216 pounds, Commings can run with any receiver in the country (He ran a 4.41 at the Combine). During Georgia’s Pro day he was clearly the smoothest and most explosive player on the field and sources at the workout said that he has the physical talent to be a shutdown type cornerback in the NFL and has more pure physical talent than Dee Milliner. You can be sure that after his display in front of many coaches Thursday, some teams will rank him much higher than his on-field play warrants, which will likely lead to him being selected in the second or third round of the Draft.

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