Report: NFL proposes reducing Vilma's suspension

PFW staff
Pro Football Weekly
Report: Vilma willing to meet with Goodell

The NFL has offered to reduce Saints LB Jonathan Vilma’s suspension from one year to eight games, according to an ESPN report. 

Settlement talks are ongoing between the league, NFLPA and legal representatives for Vilma and the other players suspended for the Saints’ bounty program. A reduction in the suspension, however, is conditional upon Vilma dropping his defamation suit against commissioner Roger Goodell.

In a July 26 hearing, Judge Ginger Berrigan “expressed concerns about Goodell’s actions,” ESPN reported, as players denied witnessing Vilma offer a bounty for injuring QBs Kurt Warner and Brett Favre. Settlement talks are set to continue Monday and the next scheduled appearance before Judge Berrigan is Friday.