Reggie Jackson Believes The Pistons 'Can Go As Far As They Want' In 2016-17

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The Detroit Pistons are an intriguing team for this upcoming NBA season. They made the playoffs last year and added some depth this offseason, such as point guard Ish Smith and giant center Boban Marjanovic. There is reason for excitement around the Pistons, but most people probably aren’t as enthusiastic about Detroit’s potential as Reggie Jackson.

Jackson, the Pistons’ starting point guard, told Brian Manzullo of the Detroit Free Press just how confident he is in the Pistons’ prospects for 2016-17.

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“I don’t believe there necessarily is a ceiling. We can go as far as we want. But it’s really going to come from internal growth as a team. Not just in skills but mentally, as well, and being ready for the burden of the season.

“Just stay motivated through the season. Like I said, it’s a long, 6- to 9-month season, so you’ve got to stay locked in, stay geared, you’re going to have your ups and downs, going to have your tough times, but you gotta rely upon everybody in the organization, especially the teammates that get you through it. You gotta be mentally tough and, if we can check each other, then I think we can have another great year … and have an even better year.”

Jackson has always been a confident player, but he’s overstating the Pistons’ potential for this season. He’s also overstating how good Detroit was last year unless an eighth seed and a first-round sweep is considered “great.” However, pro sports don’t really work on a “we can go as far as we want” level. Every team, or at least most teams, want to win the title. Only one does, and the Pistons are behind a few teams in that pecking order, including the Cavaliers.

Jackson and the Pistons are definitely on the upswing, but calling them a title contender, or a team without a ceiling, is overzealous.

(Via Detroit Free Press)