Do Refs Have it in for Hazard? Blues Fans Think So

Are Premier League Referees Weary of Giving Penalties to Eden Hazard?

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After another great game, Chelsea stands clear at the top of the standings heading into the international break. The 4-1 win over Norwich City showed just why Chelsea are in first with a display of unmatched firepower. The funny thing is that they could have added more if some penalties had been properly awarded.

There were multiple times that Eden Hazard appeared to be fouled inside the box after clumsy challenges from the Norwich defenders, but the referee didn't make any calls. During the first few games, Hazard had earned three penalties, which were all converted (two by Frank Lampard, and one of his own). After that, the calls seemed to have disappeared despite legitimate claims. I understand that refs are scared to give penalties because players are diving, but if a player is fouled a penalty should be given. Hazard has some of the quickest feet of all the players in the Premier League and it is evident as he plays. He gets fouled up every game and is a tremendous asset to the Blues. If only the refs would give him the penalties he deserves. It shouldn't matter that he earns many calls, it is just the type of player that Hazard is. He works hard to get into these positions and it is not fair that refs are not giving him what he deserves.

I'll admit refs will be more hesitant to call penalties for a winning team, especially if they are up by a few goals and are in the driver's seat. But there is a time when they need to make the calls and reward players for their effort. Eden Hazard is one of the best signings of the 2012 summer transfer market and I'm ecstatic he is a blue. Now its time for the refs to do their jobs and make the right calls.

Keep the blue flag flying high my friends!

Will Luft is a blue-blooded Chelsea FC fan who lives in New York. He watches as many games as he can and the happiest moment of his life was watching Chelsea tie the game against PSG at Yankee Stadium on their tour of the USA in the summer of 2012.

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