Raymond Felton Will Make New York Knicks Fans Forget Jeremy Lin: A Fan’s View

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Raymond Felton Will Make New York Knicks Fans Forget Jeremy Lin: A Fan’s View

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Raymond Felton was great for the New York Knicks in 2010-11.

New York Knicks point guard Raymond Felton has a lot to prove this season. Fans are still upset about losing Jeremy Lin to the Houston Rockets. But Felton has a chance to ease their pain. Here are five reasons why Felton will make Knicks fans forget Lin.

1. Felton Is Motivated

This offseason, Felton has heard the negative comments about his poor performance and weight gain last season. Now he is using this as motivation. Felton said that he is "ready to shut up a lot of people."

2. Felton Has a Solid Track Record

Felton is a durable point guard with an impressive track record. He has averaged 13.4 points and 6.7 assists per game in his career. And he has done this over 483 starts. Now that is a big sample size. That is consistency. History repeats itself, and Felton has a long history of playing well.

3. Felton was bad last season, but not that bad

Felton averaged 11.4 points and 6.5 assists per game last season with the Portland Trail Blazers. He was 11th in the league in assists among qualified players. And this was a down year for Felton. Many NBA guards would love to have a bad season like that.

4. Felton has a lot of talent around him

With so much talent around him in New York, I expect Felton to boost his assists per game. He will also have plenty of opportunities to score, as opposing defenses focus on Carmelo Anthony and Amar'e Stoudemire. The wins should also increase.

5. Felton has already done it in New York

In the 2010-11 NBA Season, Felton was great in New York. He averaged 17.1 points and 9.0 assists in 54 games with the Knicks. He handled the pressure and performed very well. Why can't he recapture that magic? It was only two seasons ago.

Felton is a proven NBA point guard. He is durable and consistent. He has the motivation to push him to be great. All the signs indicate a great season ahead for Felton. And if he has a fast start, Knicks fans will quickly forget all about Lin.

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Edwin Torres was born in New York City. He has been a Knicks fan since the early 1980s. He has visited Madison Square Garden on many occasions to watch the Knicks and his favorite player, Patrick Ewing. For more articles, follow him on Twitter @FlipPoker.

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