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Ranking the WWE Tag Team Division: Fan’s Take

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Tag team wrestling just isn't what it used to be in professional wrestling. When I was growing up, the sport had the Legion of Doom, Money Inc., Natural Disasters, and even the Bushwhackers. As I got older, teams like Harlem Heat, Dudley Boyz, Edge and Christian, the Hardy Boyz and other tag teams reigned supreme. In the current landscape of tag team wrestling in World Wrestling Entertainment, it is more important to put together singles stars as teams, instead of developing teams through the farm system. It is a combination of that and the lack of trying that has made the tag team division in WWE so bad. How do the current tag teams rank in WWE?

1. Daniel Bryan and Kane - Tag Team Champions

This team was put together much like most of the other teams in WWE today. Although their anger management segments have been hilarious, the division would have been better off with Kofi Kingston and R Truth wearing the belts and battling with teams like the Primetime Playas. Instead, Bryan and Kane will wear the belts until the time comes for them to feud again.

2. Kofi Kingston and R Truth

Kingston just seems to get thrown into teams all the time and always ends up with the belt. He would likely have been teamed with Evan Bourne today if it weren't for Bourne's failed drug tests. Now with Truth - and Little Jimmy - Kingston once again has a solid partner that the WWE Universe can get behind.

3. The Uso's

This is a team that I was shocked never got a run with the titles. When they were brought to WWE, they were a heel group with Tamina as their manager and even then, they didn't get a chance to wear the belts. When they became fan favorites and began doing their native dance during their entrances, it seemed like WWE was ready to give them a chance. Instead, they jobbed to teams like the Primetime Playas and have been relegated to the secondary WWE shows unless they need to job on television.

4. Primetime Playas

I like this team and think that Darren Young has a chance to become a star in the sport, but losing Abraham Washington as their mouth piece hurts. Ever since his release, the team has essentially been ignored and left alone, making me think their chance at competing for the titles again could be through.

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