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Positive Soccer Coaching: Five Dumb Things Coaches Do

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Positive Soccer Coaching: Five Dumb Things Coaches Do

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Some youth soccer coaches take the game too seriously.

As a youth soccer coach for the past 12 years, I have witnessed (and done) some dumb things. But unless we learn from our mistakes, we will never become good youth soccer coaches. Here are five dumb things coaches do.

1. Argue With Referees

Refereeing in soccer is unique. You can't appeal a play like in baseball. You can't challenge a call like in football. Soccer referees try to keep the game moving. So arguing with them is pointless. They are not likely to change their call. They don't want to stop the game to talk to a coach. But if they do, the coach will get warned or even sent off.

2. Yell at Players During Games

When players are in the game, they have to concentrate and act quickly. Constantly yelling instructions at them will only distract them. Players will slow down, trying to process what the coach is saying. And before you know it, defenders will come and take the ball away. Let the players play the game and react to what's happening on the field, not off it.

3. Use Running as a Punishment

Soccer is a game of running. They say that a soccer play runs several miles in one game. Players should embrace running, like they do with shooting and dribbling. Using running as a punishment just makes it something players hate to do.

4. Trying to Win at All Costs

All soccer coaches aim to win games. That's why we play soccer. But winning at all costs is a big mistake. Positive soccer coaches also need to develop all of their players. Sacrificing everything for the sake of winning is wrong in youth soccer.

5. Taking it Too Seriously

Soccer coaches must remember that this is youth soccer. It's a game played by kids. So coaches shouldn't be too serious 100% of the time. They need to remember to keep things fun. Otherwise, players will hate the game and leave it forever.

These are five dumb things youth soccer coaches do. Coaches make mistakes just like players do. But as long as we learn from these mistakes, we will improve as coaches.

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Edwin Torres has been coaching competitive youth soccer since 2001. As a PCA Champion, he promotes positive coaching in youth sports. For more information, follow him on Twitter @FlipPoker.

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