Polite autograph seeker makes big impression on PGA Tour players

John Holmes

Your average PGA Tour player signs hundreds, if not thousands, of autographs each year, and no doubt most of their encounters with fans are necessarily quick and forgettable. But on Wednesday at the Northern Trust Open, a young fan made quite an impression on several players. Why, you ask? Well, because after getting an autograph, 12-year-old Davess Vertugo hands the signee a thank-you card. And not just a cheap drugstore card, either. These are homemade tokens of his appreciation, complete with photos and an explanation of why he's at the tournament. As you can see in the Twitter photos embedded here, the front side has ''thank you'' in big letters and several photos of Davess in golf mode. On the reverse, there are more photos along with this: ''I am back again for my annual birthday trip to the Northern Trust. Thank you for such a memorable experience. I look forward to this day with my dad every year and I enjoy watching you play golf.'' I don't know anything else about young Davess, but I do know this -- judging by their response on social media Wednesday, the players he met will remember meeting him every bit as long as he remembers meeting them. And who knows? As much as Davess loves golf, he might be inside the Riviera ropes himself in another decade or so.

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--- Scott Langley (@Scott_Langley) February 12, 2014

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