Players linked to government's performance-enhancement probes

Yahoo! Sports staff
Yahoo! Sports

The following is a list of active and retired Major League baseball players who have been implicated in government investigations into the illegal distribution of steroids, human growth hormone and other performance-enhancing drugs. The investigations included here targeted BALCO, Signature Pharmacy of Orlando, Fla., Applied Pharmacy of Mobile, Ala., and so-called wellness clinics. The list does not include players whose only link to the use of performance-enhancing drugs is having tested positive under Major League Baseball's drug-testing policy.

Player Position Team How implicated
Rick Ankiel Outfielder Cardinals Signature Pharmacy
David Bell Third baseman free agent Applied Pharmacy
Marvin Benard Outfielder inactive BALCO
Barry Bonds Outfielder free agent BALCO
Paul Byrd Pitcher Indians wellness clinic
Jose Canseco Outfielder retired Applied Pharmacy
Bobby Estalella Outfielder retired BALCO
Jason Giambi Designated hitter Yankees BALCO
Jay Gibbons Outfielder Orioles Signature Pharmacy
Troy Glaus Third baseman Blue Jays Signature Pharmacy
Jason Grimsley Pitcher retired BALCO-related
Jose Guillen Outfielder Royals wellness clinic
Jerry Hairston Jr. Infielder Rangers Applied Pharmacy
Darren Holmes Pitcher retired wellness clinic
Gary Matthews Jr. Outfielder Angels Applied Pharmacy
Armando Rios Outfielder free agent BALCO
John Rocker Pitcher retired Applied Pharmacy
Benito Santiago Catcher retired BALCO
Scott Schoeneweis Pitcher Mets Signature Pharmacy
David Segui First baseman retired BALCO-related
Gary Sheffield Designated hitter Tigers BALCO
Ismael Valdez Pitcher retired wellness clinic
Randy Velarde Second baseman retired BALCO
Matt Williams Third baseman retired wellness clinic