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Players the Dallas Cowboys Probably Wish They Drafted

Players that Management Passed on Are Making Plays

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COMMENTARY | There's a good chance we'll see Jerry Jones in the war room once again for the NFL Draft this year.

Depending on how you look at that, it's either a good thing or bad thing.

Jones has hit the jackpot on recent draft picks. Names that come to mind are Dez Bryant, Sean Lee and Tyron Smith. Then there were the not-so-great picks like Bobby Carpenter, Marcus Spears and Josh Thomas. If you've never heard of Josh Thomas, yesterday might be the only time because of this.

We love to play the "What if?" game. What if the Cowboys managed their draft picks better? Of course, they wouldn't know the players they didn't take would go on to be Pro Bowlers or contributors to playoff teams.

In no particular order, here are some notable draft mishaps in recent memory.

2011: Dallas selects Josh Thomas in the fifth round (No. 143).
Players they missed: Richard Sherman

How about THE player that was missed? To be fair, late-round selections are a crapshoot. But Thomas, a corner out of Buffalo at 5-foot-10, was a headscratcher. He didn't play a single snap for the Cowboys and that size was a concern.

Meanwhile, 11 picks later, the Seattle Seahawks took this guy who played only one year of defensive back for Stanford. Needing corner depth with Mike Jenkins and Terence Newman overstaying their welcome, picking Sherman would've somewhat helped. He's only the best corner in the game right now.

2006: Dallas selects Anthony Fasano in the second round (No. 53)
Players they missed: Bernard Pollard, Devin Hester, Maurice Jones-Drew, Tim Jennings

This was the beginning of Dallas hoping a two-tight-end system work. It would fail, but it wasn't because of Fasano. Wade Phillips and Jason Garrett felt he wouldn't be a fit in an offensive system that still makes no sense in 2014.

The final year of Bill Parcells' tenure in Dallas had a defense that gave up 22 points per game. Jennings wouldn't be a star until he went to Chicago, but Pollard has been a model of consistency at safety. He would've been a better choice than Pat Watkins, who the Cowboys drafted three rounds later.

Had Dallas known Julius Jones would soon come back to Earth, Jones-Drew would've been more than a solid compliment to Marion Barber. And Hester is... Well, he's Devin Hester. What more do you need?

2006: Dallas selects Bobby Carpenter in the first round (No. 18)
Players they missed: Antonio Cromartie, Tamba Hali, Manny Lawson, Davin Joseph, Jonathan Joseph, Nick Mangold, DeMeco Ryans

Almost the entire second half of the first round. Ryans, who should've been a first-round pick, went No. 33 overall. Enough said.

2007: Dallas selects Anthony Spencer in the first round (No. 26)
Players they missed: Joe Staley, Ben Grubbs, Eric Weddle

Spencer is still a bust until he can have two consecutive successful seasons. Until then, the Cowboys are stuck knowing they could've taken a pro bowl tackle, a pro bowl guard or one of the best safeties in the league.

2005: Dallas selects Marcus Spears in the first round (No. 20)
Players they missed: Aaron Rodgers, Logan Mankins, Roddy White

For those who weren't fans of the Drew Bledsoe era, how painful is it to know that Dallas could've selected the eventual Super Bowl MVP? Dallas did finish 9-7 that year with Bledsoe at quarterback, but having Rodgers may have never brought Tony Romo off the bench. Having White with the duo of Keyshawn Johnson and Terry Glenn wouldn't have been bad, either.

Hey, don't be upset. This was the same draft that Dallas took DeMarcus Ware.

These picks are only from the last nine years, but what other players could the Cowboys have had that weren't on this list? Someone from the early 2000s that could've made an impact?

Danny Webster is a Yahoo Contributor for the Dallas Cowboys. You can reach him by going on Twitter and following @DannyWebster21.

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