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Who is your pick to win the Masters, and why? Our Facebook friends tell us
Who is your pick to win the Masters, and why? Our Facebook friends tell us

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Georgia's own Matt Kuchar is a popular pick to win the Masters, our Facebook friends say.(Getty Images)

By John Holmes, Senior Interactive Producer

Spring is here, the azaleas are in bloom, the grass is perfectly green and manicured. All this means one thing: It's Masters time.

So who you got? We asked our Facebook friends for their fearless predictions of who will don the green jacket on Masters Sunday night, and why. As always, our friends came through in a big way, casting hundreds of votes for players ranging from Fred Couples to Graham DeLaet to Henrick Stenson.

A few players dominated the balloting, however, and one of the peoples' choices is Georgia's own Matt Kuchar. Here's a sample of the pro-Kuchar comments: Eric Dewey: Matt Kuchar. Guy is a top 10 machine Matthew Stetz: The Kuch is going to do it. Gregg Lindquist: Matt Kuchar by 1 over Keegan Bradley David Wetterstrom: Kuch!! Brad Cook: Kuchar, it's his time Craig Pack: Matt Kuchar. Just my prediction. Bobby Jordan: It's Kutchar's time he's over due.... Ron Martin: Kuuuuuuch, because it's his time.

Rory McIlroy is also proving a poplar choice this year: Roger Harpum: Rory will win a major this season, he's regained his focus and game. When he's on it there's nobody that can touch him and I have a feeling he's owes Augusta one! Davie Kennedy: Rory payback for 2 year ago when he crumbled on the 10th hole [actually three years ago] Darek Chelminiak: Rory. He is good at the masters and seems like his game is back Bob Anderson: Rory and because he's the best out there! Jacob Murray: If Rory drives it well, it's his. Robert Yttri: Rory McIlroy because he's the best golfer in the world and he's putting better this year.

Defending champion Adam Scott remains top of mind as well: Daniel Dey: My money is on Adam Scott. He has that fire in his eye. Joshua Floyd: Popour Adam Scott because he is a 10-1 like Rory but has a slight edge on him. Talbot Reiber: Adam Scott will be the 1st repeat winner since Tiger Tiger Woods Ya'll. J.t. Crawford: Adam Scott!! Cause after Tiger he's the next best in the world!!

However, Scott's fellow Australian Jason Day, who played so well last year but is nursing injuries to his thumb and back, seems to have even more support than Scott. Here's a sample: Colin Foran: Jason Day - Precision iron play! Trevor Joseph: O'Shaughnessy Jason Day will win Phillip Toyne: Jason day. Will learn from last year's collapse. Aaron Michael Steininger: Jason Day...make it back to back Aussies Matthew Woods: Jason Day because the man is overdue for a green jacket. Sleeper is Henley.

And what would a Masters be without Phil Mickelson? His fans turned out in force to promote him: David Thwaites: Would love to see my man Mr Mickelson win, if not a European!Sharon Jill Borneman-Davis: Phil!!!! I put my bet on him in @ SouthPoint in Vegas Phil The Thrill! Ben Barnard: Phil is always my first pick... Also Dustin Johnson Kathy McFarland: Tarver Phil, I hope!! Bernadine DeGarbo: Love my lefty Phil !!!

Zach Johnson and Dustin Johnson aren't related, and their games couldn't be more different, but both drew plenty of support. Here's a sample: Jay Calkin: Zach is a good pick but I'll be rooting for kuchar Larry Floyd: I'm going with DJ Dustin Johnson he is due for a big win and the national is a place I see him doing well Christopher Brown: Zach Johnson because he is playing some of the most consistent golf of his career& Augusta fits him& he fits it Adam Becks: Dustin Johnson. Its time! James Sealey Jr.: Conways very own Dustin Johnson!!!

Try as they might, some of our Facebook friends just couldn't settle on one favorite. Let's call this the "either/or" category: Bya Kakley: Dustin or Sergio! Christopher Mark Nyberg: Duf or Furyk...both playing well and are due for some magic. Zack Speed Omwenga: Jason dufner! Or lee Westwood! Jordy Hayden: Brandt or Jason Day... You heard it here first Deborah Woock: Zach Johnson or Steven Bowditch! Why? Because Tiger's on DL and these two are ready! (And they don't choke too much)

Several other players, from Patrick Reed to Louis Oosthuizen, drew a modicum of support. Here's a cross-section: Andrew T. Woodby: Patrick Reed. No fear. John Long: Patrick Reed. Augusta State. Guy Crawford: Patrick Reed as he walks the walk after his top 5 in the world comment. Gary Leslie Niemand: Louis Oosthuizen because I'm South African Ron Patey: Louis Oosthuizen can hit it long and straight enough and is one of the best at getting the ball to stop quickly on lightning-fast greens. Roy Dellinger: Dufman! Been there practicing for awhile, and he is cool as the other side of the pillow Ryan Love: Hunter Mahan is due Jeff Swonson: Luke Donald, cuz he's good. Marshall Saul: Harris English... GA boy and young nerves

And finally, the most specific prediction of all that we received: Mark Pesek: Good ol' Freddy Couples and Tom Watson are gana battle it out to the end I just know it.... But then what's this.... LARRY MIZE for the come from behind final day 61 and the W.

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