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Phoenix Suns: Why Dwight Howard Signing with Houston Rockets is Missed Opportunity for Suns

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COMMENTARY | It's been reported by Sam Amick of USA Today that Dwight Howard is taking his talents to Texas, as he has chosen to join the Houston Rockets. In a way, this helps the Phoenix Suns, as Howard leaving the Pacific Division certainly helps. A deeper look shows this is a missed opportunity for the Suns, as they could be acquiring assets along the way.

When a big name like Howard moves, teams often have to make certain concessions to make room. The Rockets did just that, as they moved former first-round pick Royce White to the Philadelphia 76ers for future draft considerations.

The Rockets had to do this to ensure they could sign Howard to a maximum contract. Couldn't the Suns have stepped in and taken a chance on White?

Currently, it's being reported by Yahoo! Sports that the Rockets are now interested in moving Omer Asik. This is the perfect time for the Suns to be that third team to help facilitate deals.

It goes beyond Howard and the Rockets deal. Earlier in the day, Andre Iguodala was signed by the Golden State Warriors. In order to make it work, the Warriors sent Richard Jefferson, Andris Biedrins, Brandon Rush and two first-round draft picks to the Utah Jazz.

Now, the Suns didn't have the kind of cap space that the Jazz had, so they wouldn't have been able to facilitate the same deal. However, the idea remains the same.

The Suns aren't in a position to win today, tomorrow or in the near future. It behooves the Suns to keep an eye out for these small opportunities to build on their stockpile of assets.

Don't forget that general manager Ryan McDonough has done this before. Seemingly inconsequential deals led to a massive stockpile that enabled the Boston Celtics to build their "Big Three", which led to an NBA championship in 2008.

The Suns already have four first-round draft picks over the next two seasons. The 2014 NBA draft is headlined by Andrew Wiggins, which would be a massive upgrade to any team. If the opportunity to improve their chances to get Wiggins presents itself, the Suns had better jump at it.

Note: Moves cannot be made official until July 10, 2013.

Michael Dunlap is an NBA credentialed writer who covers Phoenix Suns practices and games for the site he founded ,

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