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Philadelphia Flyers Supporters Must Never Pray for the New Jersey Devils: Fan's Take

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It wasn't just that the New Jersey Devils beat the Philadelphia Flyers in the Semifinals round of this year's playoffs. It's how that dark hockey force beat them that was disturbing.

No fan of the 'Bullies' should ever be fooled into believing that the Devils way is the right way, that the Flyers should try to become more like them or that any other team should follow their evil ways. Pray to the hockey gods that New Jersey's style of play is exterminated and sent into the bowels of Hades.

At this point, there might be those who believe that this column has been written in jest. A wink is offered to all who understand how brevity can be used to make a fair point.

There are probably others who just can't stand non-statistical talk invading the purity of their deep thoughts. Those lost souls truly need to know that this next section appeared like a vision before the author's eyes just last night and is been digitally expressed with your sensitivities completely in mind.

Don't go to Hades

The wild series that was the Quarter-Finals round against the Pittsburgh Penguins offered everything that a broad base of hockey fans would want to see. When comparing that set of games to the Semifinals round against the Devils, it's obvious that the National Hockey League must literally continue to legislate boring styles of play out of existence. It just can not allow the 'Trap' to become popular once more.

If there are hardcore fans who want to claim as though the Devils aren't invoking that diabolical methodology, then they have fallen under New Jersey's spell and must be shown the light in order to prevent a permanent trip to Hades.

Going from east to west

As part of their hockey obligation, Flyers fans must now silently support the New York Rangers in the Conference Finals. As ungodly as that might sound, sometimes your enemy can become your momentary friend as you fight for the common good.

Just to be quite clear, the temporary bargain that all Philadelphia loyalists are making in support of the blue on Broadway will be abandoned right quick. Of course that was a leading reference to Jonathan Quick.

In a land now known as 'Flyers West', the Los Angeles Kings have won the first two games of their Conference Finals series against the Phoenix Coyotes. Those two victories have given the Kings a bawdy 10-1 playoff record to-date. With so much Flyers blood running through the left coast veins of players and management personnel, every 'Bullies' fan knows what's coming next.

If the Kings can defeat Ilya Bryzgalov's former employer, they could potentially stand as the last hope hockey has of stopping Lord Marty (Martin Brodeur) from ruling the iced Earth once more. But, King Henry (Henrik Lundqvist) shutout the Devils in Game 1. So, he and his eastern battalion have a chance to prevent New Jersey from spreading their misery to the western frontier.

Sean O'Brien is based in the Philadelphia region. He has written professionally for over two decades and is currently a Featured Contributor for Yahoo! You can follow him on Twitter @SeanyOB and also read his daily Sports Blog: Insight.

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