Peyton Manning Shows in One Series Why Trading Tim Tebow was Right Move: Fan's Take

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It still seems amazing and incredible to me that there are still Tim Tebow fans in Denver that think that the Broncos would have been better off keeping the much-maligned quarterback in light of what we all saw on the field against the Chicago Bears last night. In just one offensive series in the preseason debut, Denver Broncos fans who may have forgotten what a real NFL offense looks like were reminded pretty quickly and completely. Anyone who thinks that Tim Tebow could have gone onto the field and played in that offense that the Broncos showed last night is highly delusional.

I'm not even talking about comparing Tebow's skill with the football to Manning's. Peyton Manning, whenever he is done playing football, will be voted into the NFL Hall of Fame on the first ballot. He is the epitome of what a quarterback should be in the NFL. Tebow can't even complete 50% of his passes and his coaches in Denver last year were so confident about his passing abilities that they turned their offense into the top-ranked rushing offense in the NFL.

I'm also not saying that Tebow can't one day learn how to effectively throw the football in an NFL offense. He may show that tonight when the New York Jets play their first preseason game. However, the Broncos didn't have the three to four years to wait to see if that would happen. Watching rookie Brock Osweiler on the field you could see how much more of a polished passer he was than Tebow, and Tebow is in his THIRD year in the NFL. By the time you're in college, you really oughta know how to throw a football in order to be accurate (especially if you've been telling everyone who will listen since you were a kid that you want to be an NFL quarterback).

Tell me all you want about how much of a winner that Tebow is. I won't argue with you on that (I will say "wait for this year"). What I do believe, however, is that the Broncos were not going to get much further with Tebow than they did last year (an 8-8 season in which they backed into the playoffs in possibly the worst division in the NFL). What fans here in Denver want and deserve is a team that is capable of winning Super Bowls. With Manning as their quarterback, the Broncos are far closer to doing that now than with Tebow. I know it's just one offensive series in just the first preseason game. That one series, however, (even despite the red zone interception), showed a depth, complexity, and a quality to a new Denver offense that Broncos fans will come to embrace and love. Tim who?

Julie is a featured NFL contributor for the Yahoo Contributor Network. A lifelong football fan, she began rooting for the Broncos upon moving to Colorado in 2001. Anyone who brings up the "Tebow beat the Steelers in the playoffs" line can go watch the Seattle Seahawks knock the New Orleans Saints out of the playoffs on that same weekend.

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