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Peyton Manning Did Not ‘Shred’ San Francisco 49ers’ Defense: Fan Reaction

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During my daily morning browsing of sports on the internet, I came across an article on Yahoo! written by Doug Farrar, editor of Shutdown Corner. And in the article, Farrar stated that Peyton Manning "shredded" the 49ers' defense in their preseason game on August 26. While that may be accurate in terms of what the stats show, it does not by any stretch mean the 49ers defense could not have stopped the Broncos' offense.

The 49ers won the game 29-24, but all the talk centered around Manning. Manning was 10-for-12 for 122 yards and two touchdowns against the 49ers -- which are good numbers; I'm not here to refute that. What I am looking to do is explain it from the 49ers' possible standpoint. To say Manning "shredded" the 49ers' defense may be a little overkill and here's why:

49ers' Defensive Schemes

If anyone thinks the 49ers are going to show all of their defensive schemes and stunts during the NFL preseason then you are out of your mind. The 49ers probably played very base defenses for their starters and didn't get any crazier than that even thereafter. And to do that was smart on their part. Why would they reveal anything more than they want their opponents to know? If you have ever listened to Jim Harbaugh during a press conference you know that he will not divulge anything - and I mean anything - to the media that could give the opponent an advantage against his team. So why would he jeopardize doing the same during preseason play?

Coach Harbaugh Likes To Work Hard, But Also Smart

Along the same lines of Harbaugh not giving the opposing team a tip of his hand, perhaps he doesn't wish for his defense to be going full force just yet. It is preseason football and while I think the NFL should just do away with it and bring on the regular season, preseason is really the time to evaluate the guys who may be on the fringe of making the team. And in order to evaluate them they have to be placed on an even, lower playing field. Harbaugh knows what his starters are capable of when going full throttle, why would he jeopardize an injury during the preseason by doing just that?

Too Early To Be Worried

It's the preseason. So if the 49ers' defense played its heart out (which I doubt it did) and Peyton Manning really did "shred" the defense, then good for Manning and the Broncos. It is Peyton Manning after all and despite him coming off of a year away from the NFL I still expect him to be able to pick apart a defense. But at the end of the day, it really comes down to how much of a fight did Peyton Manning really get from the 49ers' top-ranked defense? In my opinion Manning got about 50 percent effort from the 49ers and if he had gotten more, his day would not have been so "spectacular".

Food for thought: Did Peyton Manning show that he can beat almost any defense by "shredding" the 49ers' defense or is this just another overhyped preseason performance?

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