Perak BN apes free water promise, claims originality


Following the footsteps of Selangor BN, Perak BN's state-level manifesto announced today is also promising free water for the first 20 cubic metres of usage for the poor.

Despite this and some other similarities to the Perak Pakatan Rakyat manifesto unveiled last week, that also mentioned free water and housing development policies, Perak BN chief Zambry Abdul Kadir denied BN has copied from Pakatan.

Instead, he accused Pakatan of "stealing" Perak BN's manifesto and revealing the details to the public and the press before BN could make the official announcement today.

Speaking at the launch of the 'Promise of Hope: BN for You' manifesto, the Pangkor state seat candidate slammed PAS for "stealing" BN's idea.

He claimed PAS had obtained a copy of BN's manifesto earlier on.

"For me, they are actually an opposition that is unprofessional and has no class. Why did they take other people's property?

"We know that some of things that they launched were from us, because they had taken our ideas. And when they launch it (first), it sounds like their own idea," he claimed.

Free water for the poor was one of Pakatan Selangor's initiatives after they took over the state in 2008, a policy that had consistently drawn criticism from BN for allegedly bankrupting the state's coffers.

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