Pac-12 Conference North Division Football Stadiums in 2012

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Pac-12 Conference North Division Football Stadiums in 2012

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Husky Stadium - 2011

The Pac-12 Conference heads into its second season with some interesting stories, not the least of which is the potential for not one but two teams vying for the national championship: USC Trojans and Oregon Ducks. The schools involved with battling each other have some unique venues to play in, week in and week out. Here's a quick look at each stadium in the northern sphere of the league (listed alphabetically).

Autzen Stadium: Eugene, Oregon - Opened in 1967, the stadium is located less than 10 minutes from the Oregon Ducks campus (downtown Eugene) and is less than a mile away as the crow flies (just across the Willamette River). It holds 54,000 people and the playing surface is field turf. It is known in some circles as the loudest stadium in the country.

Martin Stadium: Pullman, Washington - Opened in 1972, the stadium is located inside the Washington State Cougar campus on the eastern side of town. It holds 35,117 and the playing surface is field turf. For being the smallest stadium, the fans still produce decent noise when the team is doing well - not so much when they're not.

Memorial Stadium: Berkeley, California - Opened in 1923, the stadium is located inside the California Golden Bear campus on the eastern side of town. The just renovated facility now holds 62,717 and the playing surface is field turf. Louder than their Bay Area brethren at Stanford, the fans are loud when they want to be, otherwise so-so.

Reser Stadium: Corvallis, Oregon - Opened in 1953, the stadium is located at the southern end of the Oregon State Beavers campus near downtown. It holds 45,674 and the playing surface is field turf. A fairly loud stadium but maybe because the fans aren't as rabid, it's not nearly as loud as their Autzen brethren to the south.

Seahawks Stadium: Seattle, Washington - Opened in 2002, the stadium on Puget Sound is a temporary way station while waiting for major renovations to the Washington Huskies old campus home, Husky Stadium - which is little more than 10 minutes away. Seahawks Stadium holds 67,000 and is played on field turf. Both stadiums are known to be loud … and I mean loud. Arguably the loudest in the country (source - University of Washington).

Stanford Stadium: Palo Alto, California - Originally opened in 1921, the stadium was completely rebuilt in 2005 and is located in the northeastern edge of the Stanford Cardinal campus, southwest of Palo Alto. It now holds 50,000 and has a natural grass field. The fans are known as the quietest in the conference.

Husky Stadium is being renovated and the plan is for the venue to be ready for the 2013 season. Autzen's screaming and crazy fans are loud in an otherwise average sized college football arena but because one-side of the stadium is built along a hillside, the sound reverberates much more. Both are considered two of the loudest stadiums in the nation.

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