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Pac-12 or Big 12 team could face non-power conference team in new bowl

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College football could be getting a new postseason game that would pit a Pac-12 or Big 12 team against a team outside the power conferences.

Reports have indicated that the proposed matchup would likely include the top-rated champion from the Big East, Mountain West, Conference USA, Sun Belt or Mid-American conferences against a Pac-12 or Big 12 representative.

The tentative plan is part of the changes coming to the system when the four-team playoff format is implemented in 2014. The new bowl would provide accees to teams outside the current BCS conferences.

USA Today reported that final decisions have yet to be formally approved.

As far as the teams involved in the game, the selection process seems somewhat confusing.

But it appears that in years when the Pac-12 champion is not in the four-team playoff and the Rose Bowl is hosting a national semifinal, the Pac-12 would provide the representative to the new bowl. Similarly, the Big 12 would send a team when the Champions Bowl, which will match the Big 12 and Southeastern Conference champions, was hosting a national semifinal and the Big 12 team was not among the four teams in the playoff.

But even then it's not guaranteed that the Pac-12 or Big 12 would play in the new bowl. According to a USA Today source, the champion front either conference would have to finish "way outside the top four." Instead, those teams could wind up in another major bowl.

It's more likely, however, that a runner-up from the Pac-12 or Big 12 would land in the new bowl.

"It's convoluted," a source told USA Today. "It's hard to (talk) in absolute terms right now."

The Orange Bowl is currently working on a similar deal with the SEC and Big Ten in which a team from those conferences or Notre Dame would be paired against the Atlantic Coast Conference champion or another ACC team.

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