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Oscar Pistorius Gives Harsh Interview and Other Critical Outbursts by Sports Figures

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On Tuesday, September 4, 2012, it was announced that Oscar Pistorius would not be facing any penalties for a negative comment he made about a fellow competitor to a reporter. Right after he got the silver medal in the 200m, Pistorius claimed that the type of prosthetic legs used by the winner gave him an unfair advantage. Though the prosthetics were confirmed to be legal, Pistorius has only apologized for making the comments immediately after the race. Pistorius is far from the only sports figure to make remarks to media out of anger.

Kurt Busch

NASCAR Sprint Cup driver Kurt Busch found himself in significant trouble after he went on an obscene verbal tirade against ESPN analyst Dr. Jerry Punch in 2011. Busch had been waiting for Punch to arrive to interview him and by the time the analyst got there, Busch was in a bad mood. The incident was captured on video and led to Busch being allegedly fired and fined. He later issued a public apology to Punch. Busch was able to find another team to drive for.

Jim Mora

In 2001, Jim Mora gave one of the most famous rants to reporters. The coach of the Indianapolis Colts had just seen his team perform terribly and he was not shying away from telling reporters just how bad his team did. He also made it clear that his team should not be focusing on the playoffs. The last segment of his rant went on to be immortalized in a commercial for beer 10 years later.

Dennis Green

In 2006, after the Arizona Cardinals lost in spectacular fashion to the Chicago Bears, the Cardinals' head coach, Dennis Green, was mad. He took his frustrations and anger out by going on an obscene and confusing rant in front of reporters. The rant was later used to his profit, however, when it was incorporated into a commercial. It is one of the more memorable NFL rants from a coach.

Kobe Bryant

In May of 2012, Kobe Bryant, who plays for the Los Angeles Lakers, was ill but still tried to play hard for his team. The Lakers wound up losing to the Denver Nuggets and after the game Bryant and the reporters talked about the efforts of his teammates. Bryant indicated that, despite being sick, he believed he put more effort into the game than his teammates did.

Albert Belle

Though Albert Belle was a talented hitter for the Cleveland Indians, he was well known to have an anger problem. In 1995, he took his anger out on a reporter. While Hannah Storm, who was reportiing for NBC, was waiting in the dugout to interview a teammate, Belle became annoyed with her and began obscenely yelling at her. He was fined more than $50,000 by the commissioner of Major League Baseball.

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