Should New Orleans Hornets Trade First Pick in 2012 NBA Draft?: Fan's Opinion

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New Orleans Hornets

The New Orleans Hornets have the first overall pick in the 2012 NBA Draft to be held on Thursday, June 28. In what many experts are calling one of the deepest drafts in NBA history, the Hornets sit in an enviable position with the first overall pick. The Hornets are expected to select Kentucky Wildcats superstar Anthony Davis with their draft pick.

Trade bait

As the 2012 NBA Draft approaches, it was only a matter of time before the Hornets started getting trade offers for the first pick. The latest rumor is that the Cleveland Cavaliers are willing to trade all their 2012 draft picks (four, 24, 33 and 34) to the Hornets for the first overall selection.

New Orleans Saints

If this trade scenario sounds familiar to New Orleans sports fans, it should. The Saints traded all their draft picks to the Washington Redskins for their first round pick in the 1999 NFL Draft. New Orleans used that pick to draft Ricky Williams. Although a similar trade with the Cavaliers wouldn't be as monumental, four picks is a lot in an NBA Draft.

Not likely

I don't expect the New Orleans Hornets to trade the first overall draft pick to the Cavaliers or anyone else. The NBA is dominated by superstars more than any other league. With only five players on the court at once, a superstar with little else around him can get a team to the NBA Finals. Just ask the Cavaliers.

Also, the 33rd and 34th picks in the 2012 NBA Draft may seem pretty good. But early second round NBA draft picks are rarely transcendent players unlike in the NFL where even undrafted players often become stars. The trade package being offered to the Hornets by the Cavaliers is not all that tempting.

In terms of trade offers for current NBA players, the Hornets shouldn't even consider this unless the offers were for Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder or (maybe) Kevin Love of the Minnesota Timberwolves. Of course, these NBA teams wouldn't trade their superstars for anything, even the Hornets' first pick in the 2012 draft.

On June 28, the New Orleans Hornets will still have the first overall pick and they will use it to select Anthony Davis.

Patrick Michael was born in New Orleans and currently resides in the Big Easy. A loyal New Orleans NBA fan, Patrick was a diehard New Orleans Jazz fan and now cheers for the Hornets. Patrick was in the New Orleans Arena the night the Hornets were one win away from the Western Conference Finals. Follow Patrick Michael on Twitter at patmichael84.



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