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If Only the U.S. Women’s National Team Could Face Japan in the Olympic Final: Fan's Reaction

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How great would it be if the U.S. Women's National Team faced Japan in the Olympic final? Abby Wambach, Hope Solo and the rest of the National Team could avenge their loss to Japan in last year's dreadful World Cup final. It seems like both exceptional clubs could be on a collision course for a rematch.

High drama aside, anyone who follows the U.S. Women's National Team would love to see the club have another chance against the strong Japan team. On Friday, Team USA defeated New Zealand 2-0 in a bruising battle that was a nail biter until the final minutes.

Japan beat Brazil 2-0 in an effortless win that mirrored how Team USA beat New Zealand. Both Team USA and Japan have a lot of work to do, both will face teams that can't be overlooked. Team USA faces a good Canada team that's been a bit of an underdog in this tournament. Japan faces a tough France team that's capable of taking out the defending World Cup champions.

The semi-finals on Monday will be the day we learn if there will be an epic rematch between the U.S. and Japan. The media, especially NBC Sports, will be salivating if they get a U.S. vs. Japan final. They won't have to worry about getting good ratings.

It's the way the U.S. National Team loss to Japan last year that makes me want to see them get another crack at Japan. When Team USA lost, I felt disgusted. I know the media made the Japan win a bigger, more emotional victory than it was, because of what Japan had gone through with the earthquake and nuclear disaster, but for most Americans, you just hated seeing our ladies lose the way they did. Team USA was better than them, I still believe that; yes, Japan won, but Team USA had them and we all watched it slip away.

Losing on penalty kicks is the most gut wrenching way to lose to anybody. It was considered the most dramatic Women's World Cup final in history and Japan was a surprising champion. Japan came from behind to tie the score, first in regulation and then in extra time, and went on to win the penalty shootout, 3-1, after a 2-2 tie in Frankfurt Germany. Just thinking about the way Team USA lost makes my blood pressure rise. However, Japan never gave up in that final.

Team USA was the better team then, and they are the better team now. It would be sweet justice if they met Japan in the final. How bad do you think Abby Wambach, Alex Morgan and Hope Solo want to see a rematch with Japan in the Olympic final? They're playing lights out when they face any type of pressure.

Team USA has to beat Canada first. Ladies, it's all about keeping what you have to do in perspective.

Note: I've been an Arsenal fan for nearly a decade. My cousin got me interested in the club at a young age. I've been a U.S. Women's National Team fan since the late-90s.

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