One Fan's View: The Cleveland Cavaliers' Late First-round Pick

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The Cleveland Cavaliers draft rumors have been flying around like expletives in Cleveland after great LeBron James plays. Inside sources seem to think that the Cavaliers are going to take Harrison Barnes with the fourth overall pick. Barnes, Bradley Beal, or Thomas Robinson all could be available for the Cavaliers and all would help the team.

Good, so that's settled. The Cavaliers will get a young impact player early in the draft, but a great team needs more than just one great draft pick. Picking Kyrie Irving last year is proof of that. Even the phenomenal NBA Rookie of the Year wasn't enough to propel the Cavaliers into the playoffs.

When the clock starts on the 24th pick of the NBA Draft, I'm hoping that one of two players will be available for the Cavaliers: Syracuse center Fab Melo or Kentucky shooting guard Doron Lamb.

Fab Melo is both my first choice and the player that I'm most unsure about having on my wish list. I honestly can't quite decide whether I like Melo because his 7'3" wingspan and his improved conditioning helped him become the Big East Defensive Player of the Year or just because he's a 7-footer who's coordinated enough to run without looking like a drunken giraffe that could be available late in the first round.

Melo will probably spend his career as a fourth or fifth option offensively, but if he stays on the ball he could make a long term impact on the defensive end of the court. If the Cavaliers can bolster the offense with the fourth overall pick, being able to add a defensive cornerstone late in the first round would be a wonderful luxury.

If Fab Melo isn't available for the Cavaliers, I'd like to see them add another offensive weapon to the roster. Doron Lamb is the smooth and efficient scorer the roster needs to complement Kyrie.

Lamb runs off screens, has a great step-back jumper, and has a well-defined offensive role. However, Lamb's game is a bit of a double edged sword. He's versatile enough to handle the ball at the point position occasionally, but not enough to totally forget that he's a bit of a 'tweener. Offensively, Lamb is a prime time shooting guard, but at 6'4" and around 200 pounds, he's too small to guard most NBA shooting guards effectively. That doesn't mean Lamb is a terrible defender, but it means that the Cavaliers would have to get creative during crunch time.

The Cavaliers would be another step closer to being a contender with either Fab Melo or Doron Lamb on the roster in November. And no matter who Cleveland drafts, being a contender is all I really care about.

Josh Flagner was born barely a par 4 away from Downtown Cleveland and has been in a Browns, Indians, or Cavaliers hoodie ever since. Josh's sports obsession has led to him be a Featured Contributor for the Yahoo! Contributor Network and a Co-Founder of More Than a Fan.


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