Olympics 2012 Venue Guide: Archery at the Lord’s Cricket Ground

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The archery competitions at the 2012 London Olympics will take place in an iconic venue, although a place that is known for a completely different type of sport. The Lord's Cricket Grounds will host the 2012 archery events at the London Games, which will serve as an historic venue for competitions in the ancient sport of archery.

The Lord's Cricket Grounds is the official home of the sport of cricket, a popular game in England and through the Commonwealth. The venue was named after its founder, Thomas Lord, in the early 1800s, and is currently the home of the Middlesex County Cricket Club. The Lord's Cricket Grounds are no stranger to international competition, playing host to the International Test in the sport of cricket, and making the location particularly well-suited as the site for the Olympic archery events.

Archery has been an official and constant medal event during the Summer Olympics since the 1972 Munich Games, although its history as an Olympic sport dates back to the 1900 Olympics. Since the 1972 Olympics, archery has been a sport in which medals are awarded in separate competitions for men and women in both individual and team events. The Lord's Cricket Grounds will provide a unique backdrop for archery fans to watch their sport in a place known as the spiritual home of the game of cricket.

Venue Name: Lord's Cricket Grounds

Location: St. John's Wood, London

Original Construction: 1814

Additional Construction: Pavilion in 1890; Grace Gates in 1923; Mound Stand in 1987; Grandstand in 1996; Media Centre in 1999; Pavilion refurbished in 2005

Capacity: 28,000

Ownership: Marylebone Cricket Club

Olympic Archery Competition Event Dates: July 27 through August 3

Olympic Archery Competition Events Each Day:

- Men's Individual - July 27 and July 30 through August 1

- Men's Team - July 27 and July 28

- Women's Individual - July 27 and July 30 through August 2

- Women's Team - July 27 and July 29

Olympic Medals Competition Dates:

- Men's Individual - Friday, August 3

- Men's Team - Saturday, July 28

- Women's Individual - Thursday, August 2

- Women's Team - Sunday, July 29

Nearest Public Transportation Railway Stations: St. John's Wood is recommended, with a 10-minute walk to the Lord's Cricket Grounds

Noteworthy Venue Details: The Lord's Cricket Grounds is famous for being the home of cricket, but it is also home to one of the world's oldest sports museums. The MCC Museum was created in 1864, and has become world famous for its vital collection of memorabilia related to the sport of cricket. It houses The Ashes, which is the famous urn given to the captain of the England cricket squad after it successfully defeated Australia in 1883 to avenge Australia's first cricket victory over England on home soil several years before. After the 2012 Olympics, the venue will return to its status as the worldwide home of cricket.

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