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Now It’s Rasheed Wallace’s Turn on Knicks’ AARP Roster: A Fan’s Perspective

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Now It’s Rasheed Wallace’s Turn on Knicks’ AARP Roster: A Fan’s Perspective

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Jason Kidd led the 2002 Nets to the NBA Finals

As the story has been structured, New York Knicks' coach Mike Woodson convinced Rasheed Wallace to come out of retirement and take a shot at making the team in training camp.

Isn't it more likely that every aging basketball player, retired or active, is peering east to Madison Square Garden, considering it some sort of haven for the elderly, another payday for players once impactful, a chance to hang out daily with a bunch of people in their own age group?

There is every possibility Rasheed Wallace waddles onto the court on the first day and appears every bit the out-of-shape old-timer of a couple of years ago, and is asked to leave. Although, he'll be competing with players even older than he is! He might just be able to hold his own. Let's say this - speed won't be an issue with Kurt Thomas and Marcus Camby jogging beside him.

If the Knicks aren't careful, they just may land in the depository of bad jokes in the NBA, fodder for David Letterman, Jay Leno and others. They were already poised to descend into that abyss with the AARP segment of the roster. Now, it not only seems they were signing the elderly intentionally, but that they don't yet have enough of them - as if this is some kind of strategy. Perhaps, by mere suggestion, they're attempting to slow down the pace of the game in the NBA.

Most disturbing about the Wallace signing is his penchant for trouble. He was always a me-first player, and that's not a characteristic that will resonate on the Carmelo Anthony Knicks. He did rarely live up to expectations, and come to think of it, that fits seamlessly with the New York Knick organization.

You have to wonder the mindset of Mike Woodson. It certainly appears as if he is unsatisfied with this roster as presently constituted. If it's true he sought Wallace, and lured him from retirement, for goodness sakes, Woodson must be desperate for a particular need - really desperate.

Or perhaps he's simply planning to accumulate as many aging players as possible, and play them each two minutes a game so as not to precipitate lung and heart issues.

Glenn Vallach has been a basketball fan, player, and coach during his lifetime and, as such, an ardent follower of the NBA even with all its warts. He have also been a New York Knick fan since the days of Howie Komives and Walt Bellamy, when he regularly boarded the IRT Subway at 180th Street in the Bronx for a trip to the Garden to see his heroes.


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