NL-only Auction Draft

Brandon Funston
Yahoo! Sports

Yahoo! Sports' Fantasy was recently invited to participate in expert auction drafts on Each of these three drafts (AL-only, NL-only and ML-universe) consisted of 12 teams, all of which had $260 to spend on 28 players (14 on offense, nine pitchers and a five-man reserve list).

Here is a look at the NL-only auction results, listed in descending order from the highest salaried player to the lowest:

(Note: Kudos to for an online auction draft applet that deftly managed the tough task of bringing the thrills of the auction experience to the internet)

Auction draft results: ML-universe | AL-only | NL-only NL-only Experts Draft
Player Team Owner Salary
Albert Pujols Cardinals (STL) FantasyGuru 45
Todd Helton Rockies (COL) Sandlot Shrink 42
Carlos Beltran Mets (NYM) NFBC 41
Bobby Abreu Phillies (PHI) SportsBlurb 41
Jason Schmidt Giants (SF) SportsBlurb 35
Ben Sheets Brewers (MIL) FantasyInfoCentral 35
Juan Pierre Marlins (FLA) FantasyGuru 34
Barry Bonds Giants (SF) DraftHelp 33
Aramis Ramirez Cubs (CHC) Big Dawg Baseball 33
Carlos Delgado Marlins (FLA) Sandlot Shrink 30
Carlos Lee Brewers (MIL) FantasyInfoCentral 30
Eric Gagne Dodgers (LAD) Yahoo! Sports 30
Scott Rolen Cardinals (STL) Sandlot Shrink 29
Adam Dunn Reds (CIN) SportsBlurb 29
Pedro Martinez Mets (NYM) DraftHelp 29
Jim Thome Phillies (PHI) Big Dawg Baseball 29
Shawn Green Diamondbacks (ARI) Big Dawg Baseball 28
Miguel Cabrera Marlins (FLA) 28
Nomar Garciaparra Cubs (CHC) Sandlot Shrink 28
Corey Patterson Cubs (CHC) FantasyAuctioneer 28
Derrek Lee Cubs (CHC) NFBC 27
Tim Hudson Braves (ATL) Yahoo! Sports 27
Jake Peavy Padres (SD) Pro Fantasy Sports 26
Jim Edmonds Cardinals (STL) 26
Jimmy Rollins Phillies (PHI) Big Dawg Baseball 26
Brad Lidge Astros (HOU) Pro Fantasy Sports 26
Mark Prior Cubs (CHC) Pro Fantasy Sports 25
Jason Isringhausen Cardinals (STL) DraftHelp 25
Roy Oswalt Astros (HOU) FantasyGuru 25
Rafael Furcal Braves (ATL) 24
Marcus Giles Braves (ATL) FantasyAuctioneer 24
David Wright Mets (NYM) FantasyAuctioneer 24
Chipper Jones Braves (ATL) FantasyGuru 24
Andruw Jones Braves (ATL) 24
Mark Loretta Padres (SD) Yahoo! Sports 23
Jason Bay Pirates (PIT) SportsBlurb 23
Oliver Perez Pirates (PIT) SportsBlurb 23
Brad Wilkerson Nationals (WAS) FantasyAuctioneer 23
Brian Giles Padres (SD) FantasyInfoCentral 23
J.D. Drew Dodgers (LAD) Pro Fantasy Sports 22
Carlos Zambrano Cubs (CHC) FantasyInfoCentral 22
Odalis Perez Dodgers (LAD) FantasyInfoCentral 22
Sean Casey Reds (CIN) 22
Jeff Kent Dodgers (LAD) FantasyInfoCentral 22
Roger Clemens Astros (HOU) Yahoo! Sports 22
Kerry Wood Cubs (CHC) CREATiVESPORTS 21
Trevor Hoffman Padres (SD) 21
Mike Lowell Marlins (FLA) Pro Fantasy Sports 20
Billy Wagner Phillies (PHI) 20
Josh Beckett Marlins (FLA) FantasyInfoCentral 20
Armando Benitez Giants (SF) FantasyGuru 20
Pat Burrell Phillies (PHI) NFBC 19
Jeff Bagwell Astros (HOU) FantasyInfoCentral 19
Phil Nevin Padres (SD) SportsBlurb 19
John Smoltz Braves (ATL) Sandlot Shrink 19
Moises Alou Giants (SF) DraftHelp 19
Troy Glaus Diamondbacks (ARI) SportsBlurb 19
Luis Gonzalez Diamondbacks (ARI) DraftHelp 19
A.J. Burnett Marlins (FLA) Big Dawg Baseball 18
Lance Berkman Astros (HOU) CREATiVESPORTS 18
Dan Kolb Braves (ATL) CREATiVESPORTS 18
Mark Mulder Cardinals (STL) DraftHelp 18
Kazuo Matsui Mets (NYM) CREATiVESPORTS 18
Mike Piazza Mets (NYM) Pro Fantasy Sports 18
Livan Hernandez Nationals (WAS) FantasyAuctioneer 18
Jose Guillen Nationals (WAS) FantasyInfoCentral 18
Guillermo Mota Marlins (FLA) SportsBlurb 18
Luis Castillo Marlins (FLA) SportsBlurb 18
Khalil Greene Padres (SD) Sandlot Shrink 17
Jose Reyes Mets (NYM) NFBC 17
Greg Maddux Cubs (CHC) FantasyInfoCentral 17
Larry Walker Cardinals (STL) Yahoo! Sports 16
Matt Lawton Pirates (PIT) 16
Javier Vazquez Diamondbacks (ARI) 16
Cesar Izturis Dodgers (LAD) FantasyAuctioneer 16
Chad Cordero Nationals (WAS) Pro Fantasy Sports 16
Chris Carpenter Cardinals (STL) FantasyAuctioneer 16
Wily Mo Pena Reds (CIN) Yahoo! Sports 16
Dontrelle Willis Marlins (FLA) FantasyInfoCentral 16
Jose Vidro Nationals (WAS) Pro Fantasy Sports 16
Craig Wilson Pirates (PIT) DraftHelp 16
Lyle Overbay Brewers (MIL) FantasyAuctioneer 16
Danny Graves Reds (CIN) NFBC 15
Paul Lo Duca Marlins (FLA) CREATiVESPORTS 15
Dave Roberts Padres (SD) NFBC 15
Geoff Jenkins Brewers (MIL) Pro Fantasy Sports 15
Milton Bradley Dodgers (LAD) CREATiVESPORTS 15
Andy Pettitte Astros (HOU) NFBC 15
Braden Looper Mets (NYM) Sandlot Shrink 15
Kris Benson Mets (NYM) Big Dawg Baseball 15
Ryan Freel Reds (CIN) Yahoo! Sports 15
Adam Eaton Padres (SD) FantasyAuctioneer 14
Ken Griffey Jr. Reds (CIN) Sandlot Shrink 14
Jeromy Burnitz Cubs (CHC) Yahoo! Sports 14
Chase Utley Phillies (PHI) Big Dawg Baseball 14
Jon Lieber Phillies (PHI) Sandlot Shrink 14
Jason Lane Astros (HOU) Pro Fantasy Sports 13
Matt Holliday Rockies (COL) Pro Fantasy Sports 13
Ray Durham Giants (SF) DraftHelp 13
Jeff Weaver Dodgers (LAD) FantasyGuru 13
Michael Barrett Cubs (CHC) DraftHelp 13
Al Leiter Marlins (FLA) Pro Fantasy Sports 13
John Thomson Braves (ATL) 13
Johnny Estrada Braves (ATL) Yahoo! Sports 13
Jose Cruz Jr. Diamondbacks (ARI) Big Dawg Baseball 13
Doug Davis Brewers (MIL) DraftHelp 13
Brad Penny Dodgers (LAD) Sandlot Shrink 13
Preston Wilson Rockies (COL) FantasyAuctioneer 13
Austin Kearns Reds (CIN) CREATiVESPORTS 13
D'Angelo Jimenez Reds (CIN) Big Dawg Baseball 12
Pedro Feliz Giants (SF) NFBC 12
Cliff Floyd Mets (NYM) CREATiVESPORTS 12
Jose Mesa Pirates (PIT) Yahoo! Sports 12
Brandon Webb Diamondbacks (ARI) NFBC 12
Jack Wilson Pirates (PIT) Yahoo! Sports 11
Reggie Sanders Cardinals (STL) Big Dawg Baseball 11
Mike Lieberthal Phillies (PHI) FantasyGuru 11
Ryan Klesko Padres (SD) FantasyAuctioneer 11
Aaron Miles Rockies (COL) CREATiVESPORTS 10
Matt Morris Cardinals (STL) NFBC 10
Raul Mondesi Braves (ATL) FantasyGuru 10
Mike Cameron Mets (NYM) SportsBlurb 10
Tike Redman Pirates (PIT) Yahoo! Sports 10
Vinny Castilla Nationals (WAS) Yahoo! Sports 10
Woody Williams Padres (SD) FantasyGuru 10
Edgardo Alfonzo Giants (SF) Big Dawg Baseball 9
Jeff Suppan Cardinals (STL) CREATiVESPORTS 9
Derek Lowe Dodgers (LAD) Sandlot Shrink 9
Vicente Padilla Phillies (PHI) NFBC 9
Greg Aquino Diamondbacks (ARI) FantasyGuru 9
Eric Milton Reds (CIN) CREATiVESPORTS 9
Ty Wigginton Pirates (PIT) CREATiVESPORTS 9
Ryan Dempster Cubs (CHC) NFBC 9
Ramon Hernandez Padres (SD) Big Dawg Baseball 8
Mark Grudzielanek Cardinals (STL) NFBC 8
Marquis Grissom Giants (SF) CREATiVESPORTS 8
Jason Marquis Cardinals (STL) CREATiVESPORTS 8
LaTroy Hawkins Cubs (CHC) 8
David Bell Phillies (PHI) CREATiVESPORTS 8
Jerry Hairston Jr. Cubs (CHC) DraftHelp 8
Nick Johnson Nationals (WAS) NFBC 8
Kip Wells Pirates (PIT) FantasyAuctioneer 8
Akinori Otsuka Padres (SD) Sandlot Shrink 8
Clint Barmes Rockies (COL) 8
Todd Walker Cubs (CHC) Big Dawg Baseball 8
Craig Biggio Astros (HOU) DraftHelp 8
Juan Encarnacion Marlins (FLA) CREATiVESPORTS 8
Adam Everett Astros (HOU) Pro Fantasy Sports 7
Hee Seop Choi Dodgers (LAD) CREATiVESPORTS 7
Jeff Francis Rockies (COL) 7
Terrmel Sledge Nationals (WAS) FantasyAuctioneer 7
Mike Adams Brewers (MIL) DraftHelp 7
Mike Gonzalez Pirates (PIT) Big Dawg Baseball 7
Mike Hampton Braves (ATL) CREATiVESPORTS 7
Omar Vizquel Giants (SF) NFBC 7
Endy Chavez Nationals (WAS) CREATiVESPORTS 7
Joe Randa Reds (CIN) 7
Tom Glavine Mets (NYM) NFBC 7
Morgan Ensberg Astros (HOU) DraftHelp 7
Jose Valentin Dodgers (LAD) CREATiVESPORTS 7
Brady Clark Brewers (MIL) FantasyGuru 7
Brian Lawrence Padres (SD) 7
Cristian Guzman Nationals (WAS) SportsBlurb 7
Junior Spivey Brewers (MIL) FantasyGuru 7
Ryan Madson Phillies (PHI) FantasyAuctioneer 7
J.D. Closser Rockies (COL) FantasyAuctioneer 6
J.T. Snow Giants (SF) Yahoo! Sports 6
Randy Wolf Phillies (PHI) FantasyGuru 6
Mark Redman Pirates (PIT) FantasyGuru 6
David Eckstein Cardinals (STL) DraftHelp 6
Adam LaRoche Braves (ATL) FantasyGuru 6
Benito Santiago Pirates (PIT) Big Dawg Baseball 6
Kenny Lofton Phillies (PHI) Yahoo! Sports 6
Chris Capuano Brewers (MIL) CREATiVESPORTS 6
Tony Armas Nationals (WAS) Yahoo! Sports 6
Russ Ortiz Diamondbacks (ARI) DraftHelp 6
Dustan Mohr Rockies (COL) CREATiVESPORTS 6
Garrett Atkins Rockies (COL) FantasyGuru 5
Sergio Mitre Cubs (CHC) FantasyAuctioneer 5
Jerome Williams Giants (SF) Big Dawg Baseball 5
Wilson Alvarez Dodgers (LAD) FantasyAuctioneer 5
Placido Polanco Phillies (PHI) 5
Alex Gonzalez Marlins (FLA) CREATiVESPORTS 5
Rob Mackowiak Pirates (PIT) NFBC 5
Craig Counsell Diamondbacks (ARI) DraftHelp 5
Damian Miller Brewers (MIL) FantasyGuru 4
Edwin Jackson Dodgers (LAD) Sandlot Shrink 4
Sean Burroughs Padres (SD) NFBC 4
Chad Tracy Diamondbacks (ARI) Big Dawg Baseball 4
Chin-Hui Tsao Rockies (COL) CREATiVESPORTS 4
Chris Burke Astros (HOU) Pro Fantasy Sports 4
Chris Snyder Diamondbacks (ARI) Sandlot Shrink 4
Rick Ankiel Cardinals (STL) FantasyAuctioneer 4
Victor Zambrano Mets (NYM) Yahoo! Sports 4
Mike Lamb Astros (HOU) SportsBlurb 4
John Patterson Nationals (WAS) Sandlot Shrink 4
Horacio Ramirez Braves (ATL) Pro Fantasy Sports 4
Jose Capellan Brewers (MIL) NFBC 4
Royce Clayton Diamondbacks (ARI) FantasyGuru 4
Brad Hawpe Rockies (COL) FantasyAuctioneer 4
Brandon Backe Astros (HOU) CREATiVESPORTS 4
Brett Tomko Giants (SF) NFBC 4
Brian Schneider Nationals (WAS) NFBC 4
Esteban Loaiza Nationals (WAS) FantasyGuru 4
Luis Ayala Nationals (WAS) FantasyAuctioneer 4
Russ Branyan Brewers (MIL) DraftHelp 4
Yadier Molina Cardinals (STL) Sandlot Shrink 3
Jayson Werth Dodgers (LAD) Pro Fantasy Sports 3
Jeff Conine Marlins (FLA) FantasyGuru 3
Yhency Brazoban Dodgers (LAD) FantasyAuctioneer 3
Rich Aurilia Reds (CIN) FantasyInfoCentral 3
Victor Diaz Mets (NYM) FantasyGuru 3
Noah Lowry Giants (SF) Big Dawg Baseball 3
Todd Greene Rockies (COL) SportsBlurb 3
Joe Borowski Cubs (CHC) CREATiVESPORTS 3
Cory Lidle Phillies (PHI) Yahoo! Sports 3
Jose Valverde Diamondbacks (ARI) NFBC 3
Doug Mientkiewicz Mets (NYM) Big Dawg Baseball 3
Koyie Hill Diamondbacks (ARI) NFBC 3
Brian Jordan Braves (ATL) NFBC 3
Eric Young Padres (SD) DraftHelp 3
Steve Trachsel Mets (NYM) DraftHelp 3
Salomon Torres Pirates (PIT) FantasyInfoCentral 2
Marlon Byrd Phillies (PHI) Yahoo! Sports 2
Aaron Harang Reds (CIN) FantasyGuru 2
Jason Phillips Mets (NYM) Pro Fantasy Sports 2
Dave Krynzel Brewers (MIL) SportsBlurb 2
David Ross Dodgers (LAD) DraftHelp 2
Dave Williams Pirates (PIT) Pro Fantasy Sports 2
Xavier Nady Padres (SD) FantasyAuctioneer 2
Gavin Floyd Phillies (PHI) Big Dawg Baseball 2
Kazuhisa Ishii Dodgers (LAD) Big Dawg Baseball 2
Jesse Foppert Giants (SF) Big Dawg Baseball 2
Michael Tucker Giants (SF) Yahoo! Sports 2
Rickie Weeks Brewers (MIL) Pro Fantasy Sports 2
Ricky Bottalico Brewers (MIL) Big Dawg Baseball 2
Tim Worrell Phillies (PHI) Yahoo! Sports 2
Alex Cintron Diamondbacks (ARI) 2
Angel Guzman Cubs (CHC) CREATiVESPORTS 2
Antonio Alfonseca Marlins (FLA) FantasyInfoCentral 2
Tony Clark Diamondbacks (ARI) Yahoo! Sports 2
Yorvit Torrealba Giants (SF) Pro Fantasy Sports 2
Jose Acevedo Reds (CIN) FantasyGuru 2
Brad Ausmus Astros (HOU) Yahoo! Sports 2
Luis A. Gonzalez Rockies (COL) Yahoo! Sports 2
Luis Terrero Diamondbacks (ARI) DraftHelp 2
Ryan Wagner Reds (CIN) Yahoo! Sports 2
Raul Chavez Astros (HOU) FantasyAuctioneer 1
J.J. Hardy Brewers (MIL) NFBC 1
Zach Day Nationals (WAS) SportsBlurb 1
Cal Eldred Cardinals (STL) Sandlot Shrink 1
Ramon Ortiz Reds (CIN) Pro Fantasy Sports 1
Marlon Anderson Mets (NYM) FantasyInfoCentral 1
Darrell May Padres (SD) FantasyGuru 1
Daryle Ward Pirates (PIT) Pro Fantasy Sports 1
Jason Dubois Cubs (CHC) Yahoo! Sports 1
Jason Grabowski Dodgers (LAD) DraftHelp 1
Jason Michaels Phillies (PHI) 1
Matt Herges Giants (SF) Sandlot Shrink 1
David Aardsma Giants (SF) SportsBlurb 1
Ray King Cardinals (STL) DraftHelp 1
Scott Dohmann Rockies (COL) SportsBlurb 1
Scott Hairston Diamondbacks (ARI) FantasyInfoCentral 1
Scott Linebrink Padres (SD) FantasyAuctioneer 1
Adam Wainwright Cardinals (STL) FantasyInfoCentral 1
Hector Luna Cardinals (STL) FantasyAuctioneer 1
Deivi Cruz Giants (SF) SportsBlurb 1
Felipe Lopez Reds (CIN) FantasyInfoCentral 1
Felix Heredia Mets (NYM) SportsBlurb 1
Ben Grieve Pirates (PIT) Sandlot Shrink 1
Kerry Robinson Mets (NYM) Sandlot Shrink 1
Wes Helms Brewers (MIL) Pro Fantasy Sports 1
Desi Relaford Rockies (COL) 1
Chad Fox Cubs (CHC) Pro Fantasy Sports 1
Chad Moeller Brewers (MIL) FantasyInfoCentral 1
Charles Johnson Rockies (COL) FantasyGuru 1
Rheal Cormier Phillies (PHI) FantasyAuctioneer 1
Chin-Feng Chen Dodgers (LAD) FantasyInfoCentral 1
Choo Freeman Rockies (COL) 1
Chris Hammond Padres (SD) DraftHelp 1
Chris Reitsma Braves (ATL) Big Dawg Baseball 1
Nick Green Braves (ATL) Sandlot Shrink 1
Ricky Ledee Dodgers (LAD) DraftHelp 1
Miguel Cairo Mets (NYM) Big Dawg Baseball 1
Miguel Ojeda Padres (SD) 1
Mike Crudale Pirates (PIT) FantasyInfoCentral 1
Mike DeJean Mets (NYM) DraftHelp 1
Mike Matheny Giants (SF) NFBC 1
Mike Remlinger Cubs (CHC) Sandlot Shrink 1
Bill Hall Brewers (MIL) Yahoo! Sports 1
Willy Taveras Astros (HOU) Sandlot Shrink 1
Jim Brower Giants (SF) SportsBlurb 1
Tim Spooneybarger Marlins (FLA) 1
Jimmy Barthmaier Astros (HOU) FantasyInfoCentral 1
Giovanni Carrara Dodgers (LAD) Pro Fantasy Sports 1
Claudio Vargas Nationals (WAS) Pro Fantasy Sports 1
Glendon Rusch Cubs (CHC) Big Dawg Baseball 1
Andy Marte Braves (ATL) FantasyInfoCentral 1
Antonio Perez Dodgers (LAD) FantasyInfoCentral 1
Todd Hollandsworth Cubs (CHC) Sandlot Shrink 1
Todd Pratt Phillies (PHI) FantasyInfoCentral 1
Joe Kennedy Rockies (COL) Yahoo! Sports 1
Joe Valentine Reds (CIN) FantasyInfoCentral 1
Roger Cedeno Cardinals (STL) Sandlot Shrink 1
John Mabry Cardinals (STL) 1
Tom Goodwin Cubs (CHC) FantasyInfoCentral 1
Tom Martin Braves (ATL) Sandlot Shrink 1
Tom Wilson Rockies (COL) Sandlot Shrink 1
Tomo Ohka Nationals (WAS) DraftHelp 1
Jon Rauch Nationals (WAS) FantasyGuru 1
Corey Hart Brewers (MIL) SportsBlurb 1
Jose Castillo Pirates (PIT) Sandlot Shrink 1
Jose Vizcaino Astros (HOU) FantasyGuru 1
Josh Willingham Marlins (FLA) SportsBlurb 1
Brandon Claussen Reds (CIN) 1
Orber Moreno Mets (NYM) NFBC 1
Freddy Guzman Padres (SD) NFBC 1
Freddy Sanchez Pirates (PIT) 1
Brett Myers Phillies (PHI) Big Dawg Baseball 1
Brian Fuentes Rockies (COL) SportsBlurb 1
Eric Valent Mets (NYM) SportsBlurb 1
Prince Fielder Brewers (MIL) 1
Brooks Kieschnick Brewers (MIL) SportsBlurb 1
Oscar Villarreal Diamondbacks (ARI) SportsBlurb 1
Rudy Seanez Padres (SD) Pro Fantasy Sports 1
Luis A. Gonzalez Rockies (COL) FantasyAuctioneer 1
Luke Hudson Reds (CIN) 1
Julian Tavarez Cardinals (STL) Pro Fantasy Sports 1
Julio Franco Braves (ATL) FantasyAuctioneer 1
Humberto Cota Pirates (PIT) 1
Ryan Church Nationals (WAS) SportsBlurb 1
Ryan Howard Phillies (PHI) FantasyInfoCentral 1
Ryan Langerhans Braves (ATL) Big Dawg Baseball 1
Ryan Vogelsong Pirates (PIT) FantasyGuru 1
Kyle Davies Braves (ATL) SportsBlurb 1