Niners interior offensive line making its mark

Dan Arkush
Niners interior offensive line making its mark

In the second half of the Niners’ 13-7 pounding of division-rival Seattle in Week Seven, it was hard not to focus on Frank Gore, who collected 92 of his season-high 131 rushing yards while outdoing rival RB Marshawn Lynch and taking control of a good old-fashioned slugfest on a national stage.

But after the game, Niners head coach Jim Harbaugh wasted no time crediting the team's interior offensive line for much of Gore’s effectiveness.

“Guys up front, they’re doing a good job,” Harbaugh said. “We ran a few traps and had them in the right look. And timing was great on it. (OLG Mike) Iupati had some big blocks. (C) Jonathan Goodwin had a heck of a night. Came off of a sick bed to do it. Just what makes him great, along with talent, just a deep desire to play and be there for his teammates. And like he said, it would have been worse to not play and have to watch it. And he really came through for us big time tonight.”

Acknowledging his great success up the gut in the game’s final 30 minutes, Gore echoed his head coach’s sentiments.

“They (the offensive line) did a great job,” Gore said. “Coach G-Ro (offensive coordinator Greg Roman) did a great job scheming them up. As long as everybody’s on one page, we can do great things in the running game. I think playing with coach G-Ro for my second year, I think he’s probably the best coordinator I’ve ever played with, especially in the running game. He’s a genius. We’ve just got to keep it up, as a team, as a unit. Just keep going.”

One Niners lineman who just might be going to Honolulu with an unlikely Pro Bowl berth if he keeps playing as well as he has the first seven weeks of the season is ORG Alex Boone, a relative novice at his position who was cited by team sources as being particularly effective against the Seahawks’ strong, physical defense.

“(ORT) Anthony Davis has probably been the team’s best lineman, but Boone has been really, really good,” one team insider told PFW. "It’s amazing how athletic he is. He has done everything really well. And he plays with such an edge. You know he just loves what he’s doing.

“If I had to pick the most pleasant surprise so far this season, it would have to be him.”