NFP Week 4 Power Rankings

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September 26, 2012

Every week, the National Football Post brings you our NFL Power Rankings: a breakdown of how we stack up the league.

Week 4 (previous ranking in parentheses)

1. (3) Atlanta Falcons (3-0): The Falcons are rolling after beating up the Chargers in San Diego.

Matt Schaub
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Matt Schaub

US PRESSWIRESchaub and the Texans moved to 3-0 with a win over the Broncos.

2. (7) Houston Texans (3-0): We could have easily put the Texans on the top line after they moved to 3-0 with a win over Manning and the Broncos.

3. (1) San Francisco 49ers (2-1): We didn’t see the Niners losing in Minnesota, but when you turn the ball over on the road it leads to trouble in the NFL.

4. (6) Baltimore Ravens (2-1): When the Ravens needed Joe Flacco on the final drive the QB went down the field to set up the winning FG.

5. (9) New York Giants (2-1): The Giants were missing some key players in Carolina, but that didn’t stop them from whipping Cam Newton and the Panthers.

6. (4) New England Patriots (1-2): Two straight losses for Brady and the Pats. That hasn’t happened since the 2003 season.

7. (2) Green Bay Packers (1-2): The Packers were robbed in Seattle, but that doesn’t hide the offensive issues for Mike McCarthy’s club.

8. (11) Arizona Cardinals (3-0): The defense is legit in ‘Zona, but can they get consistent play at the QB position to stay hot?

9. (15) Seattle Seahawks (2-1): The Seahawks secondary is tough. Just ask the Packers.

10. (18) Dallas Cowboys (2-1): Does Rob Ryan have the league’s top defense? The numbers say he does.

11. (16) Chicago Bears (2-1): Jay Cutler still looks rattled, but the Bears’ D-Line continues to hit the QB.

12. (5) Philadelphia Eagles (2-1): Keep turning the ball over and this thing could get ugly for Reid, Vick and the Eagles.

13. (14) Cincinnati Bengals (2-1):  Must be nice to have A.J. Green outside of the numbers in Cincy.

14. (10) Denver Broncos (1-2): I’m sure John Elway didn’t envision a 1-2 start when he opened his wallet for Peyton Manning this offseason.

15. (8) Pittsburgh Steelers (1-2): What happened to the Steelers defense in the fourth quarter out in Oakland?

16. (12) San Diego Chargers (2-1): Maybe the 2-0 start wasn’t really that impressive after the Chargers laid down this past Sunday.


17. (13) Detroit Lions (1-2): The defensive secondary issues in Detroit are eye-opening.

18. (22) New York Jets (2-1): Losing Darrelle Revis for the season is a major blow no matter how Rex Ryan tries to spin it.

19. (26) Minnesota Vikings (2-1): Maybe we overlooked Ponder and the Vikes too soon.

20. (24) Buffalo Bills (2-1): Ryan Fitzpatrick threw for 3 TDs in the Bills win—now let’s see him stay consistent.

21. (21) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-2): That’s two straight weeks with Schiano’s club playing through the “victory formation” at the end of the game—and its also two straight losses.

22. (27) Oakland Raiders (1-2): The Raiders can’t go into Denver and beat Manning this week, right?

Robert Griffin III
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Robert Griffin III

US PRESSWIREHow many hits can RGIII take?

23. (19) Washington Redskins (1-2): How long will RGIII last this season with the amount of hits he is taking?

24. (25) Kansas City Chiefs (1-2): Jamal Charles’ knee looked just fine vs. the Saints’ defense in the OT win.

25. (17) Carolina Panthers (1-2): Three picks from Newton isn’t going to get it done vs. the defending champs.

26. (20) New Orleans Saints (0-3): Could Brees and the Saints start 0-4? That’s possible with a trip to Lambeau Field this Sunday.

27. (29) Tennessee Titans (1-2): The Titans used big plays to knock off the Lions, but Chris Johnson was absent—again.

28. (23) St. Louis Rams (1-2): Sam Bradford needs some playmakers at WR.

29. (26) Miami Dolphins: (1-2): Its going to be up and down all year for Tannehill and the Dolphins.

30. (30) Jacksonville Jaguars (1-2): MJD can always fill up the box score, but the Jags need better play from Blaine Gabbert to compete with the big boys in the AFC.

31. (31) Indianapolis Colts (1-2): Lost in the Andrew Luck hype was the lack of talent on the Colts’ defense.

32. (32) Cleveland Browns (0-3): A short week with the Ravens on the schedule this Thursday night. Looks like an 0-4 start for the Browns.

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