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NFL Week 12 Power Rankings: Washington Redskins Near the League’s Cellar

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COMMENTARY | The Washington Redskins looked anything but impressive in their 24-16 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles this past Sunday afternoon. This is a team headed nowhere fast and the weekly power rankings certainly indicate that, as well.

Where the Washington Redskins are in Week 11 NFL power rankings: ESPN

"They got to Shady, they just couldn't bring him down. Washington hit LeSean McCoy in the backfield on seven of 20 rushes, but he averaged 2.9 yards after contact per rush."

Washington fell four spots to 27 on this power ranking. This one only touches on one of the many problems that the Redskins have. Across the board, there are improvements that need to be made. All season long, however, tackling has been a definite issue and it was very apparent last Sunday.

Where the Washington Redskins are in Week 11 NFL power rankings: Fox

"Washington has been getting absolutely crushed in the the first half of games all season long and you simply can't expect to climb out of those deficits on a weekly basis."

The Redskins dropped four spots to 26 on this power ranking. Much like the first one, this one also points out a major problem and that is their slow starts during games. Washington has failed to score on their opening drive in every game this season and the defense always comes out flat to begin the game. Playing from behind is starting to get old and something needs to be done.

Where the Washington Redskins are in Week 11 NFL power rankings: Shutdown Corner

"It's getting harder to imagine Mike Shanahan back for another season in Washington. Especially with Robert Griffin III not exactly showing a ton of support."

Washington dropped just one spot to 27 on this power ranking and the speculation over Mike Shanahan's future has officially begun. It's obvious that there is a riff between Shanahan and Robert Griffin III and it just makes everything awkward. It's been obvious in the past that Dan Snyder would rather can a coach than a player as special as RG3.

Where the Washington Redskins are in Week 11 NFL power rankings: CBS

"Question of the week: Should Mike Shanahan be in trouble? They are pretty much done."

The Redskins dropped a whopping five spots to 27 and an interesting question is raised. The execution has been very poor all over field and eventually you have to look to the players as a reason for the struggles, not the coaches. After all, they are the ones on the field that are supposed to make the plays. At this level, coaches can only do so much.

Where the Washington Redskins are in Week 11 NFL power rankings:

"Nice comeback for the Redskins , though it ultimately fell short. For much of the game in Philadelphia , Robert Griffin III a) was nowhere near as explosive as he was last season, and b) seemed to have trouble planting and driving the ball accurately. Maybe it's something in his mechanics, but there's no denying the up-and-down nature of his play.

Of course, nothing could have made up for the poor showing by the secondary. Eagles receivers were wide open in the first half -- much like the last time these two teams met."

The Redskins fell three spots to 27 on this power ranking and I've got to disagree with the comeback remark. At no point in the fourth quarter did I honestly believe they would comeback because the play was too inconsistent. The criticism of RG3 is correct because it was blatantly obvious on Sunday his struggles as a passer.

Where the Washington Redskins are in Week 11 NFL power rankings: Pro Football Talk

"Even Paul Westhead can see what RGIII is up to."

Washington dropped three spots to 27 on this power ranking and that's a clever little dig made with this one sentence explanation for their ranking. For those that don't know or remember, more than 30 years ago Magic Johnson used his player power to encourage the firing of then Los Angeles Lakers head coach Paul Westhead. Essentially, PFT is hinting that the same could happen between RG3, Dan Snyder and the eventual firing of Mike Shanahan.

Some interesting analysis across the board regarding the Redskins and none of it was positive, but why should any of it be? This team has only gotten worse in all three facets of the game as the season drags on and it doesn't seem to be getting better. At the rate their going, anywhere below 30 in the power rankings is a realistic possibility.

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