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NFL Week 10 Power Rankings: Washington Redskins on the Rise

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COMMENTARY | The Washington Redskins pulled off their third win of the season this past Sunday afternoon with a 30-24 defeat of the San Diego Chargers in overtime. Darrel Young scored three touchdowns on the day, his third being the game winner.

Washington won not because of Robert Griffin III, but because of the run game. While Young scored a career-high three touchdowns, all of them came inside the five yard line. Instead, it was Alfred Morris that drove the Redskins' offense. The running back totaled 121 yards and a touchdown on 25 carries. It was the first time this season that he had at least 20 carries in a game.

Following the win, the Redskins are on the rise on all the major weekly NFL power rankings. Here's a snapshot of those rankings.

Where the Washington Redskins are in Week 10 NFL power rankings: ESPN

"Washington needed a career day from Pierre Garcon to beat San Diego. Garcon caught seven passes for a career-high 172 yards and five first downs."

While ESPN had Washington climb two spots to number 22 on their rankings, they seem to downplay their victory by mentioning Pierre Garçon's impressive showing. One could make a case that they are disrespecting their hard-fought victory.

Where the Washington Redskins are in Week 10 NFL power rankings: CBS

"They are in the thick of the NFC East race. Robert Griffin III is getting better and better in the pocket."

CBS gives Washington some credit by moving them up four spots in their power rankings from number 26 to number 22. They provide fans with a bit of hope by discussing their NFC East championship chances, but I don't think Robert Griffin III is as good a passer as they are giving him credit for.

Where the Washington Redskins are in Week 10 NFL power rankings: Shutdown Corner

"They were inches away from losing on Sunday. But hey, give them credit for the goal-line stand after Danny Woodhead's touchdown was overturned and for pounding the Chargers on the only possession of overtime."

Washington moved up a whopping six spots from number 29 to number 23 in this ranking. Shutdown Corner acknowledges the key goal line stand by the Redskins at the end of the game, something that shows how far this defense has come. Also, it's refreshing to see the experts start to recognize that the run game is becoming the driving force of the offense.

Where the Washington Redskins are in Week 10 NFL power rankings: Fox

"Just like last year, the Redskins are 3-5 to start the season, but I just can't imagine them making the playoffs in back-to-back years having to climb out of that hole again."

Washington moved up an incredible seven spots from number 24 to number 17 on Fox's power rankings. Billick makes a note of the fact that Washington has dugout of a 3-5 hole before, but I agree in saying that they have a long way to go if they want to do it again.

Where the Washington Redskins are in Week 10 NFL power rankings: Pro Football Talk

"With last year's team winning the division after a 3-6 start, this year's team technically is in better shape."

Again, Washington climbed more than expected when they moved from number 28 to number 22 in this power rankings. Their playoff run from last year is once again eluded too, but's a long shot with the current state of this team.

Where the Washington Redskins are in Week 10 NFL power rankings:

"Love the Redskins throwback uniforms we saw on Sunday. What's better: those or the 1971 version with the yellow helmet? (My editor prefers the yellow helmets. Thoughts? @Harrison_NFL )

On another note, consider this stat from the win over the Chargers : the Redskins converted 12 of 17 third downs. That's a testament to good offensive line play right there ... kind of like what we saw on Darrel Young's winning touchdown run in overtime. Heckuva job. #HTTR"

Some interesting enthusiasm from the folks at The Redskins jumped from number 28 to number 24 in their power rankings this week. This is the first time we've seen some serious credit given to the Redskins' offensive line, a group that has performed well all season long.

While the Redskins are primarily placed at number 22 or 23, Fox surprisingly has them at number 17. Some are now starting to refer to their playoff run last year after a slow start, similar to this season, but they have a lot of work to do to make that happen. An impressive showing over the Vikings would only help them continue their rise on the rankings and standings.

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