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NFL Power Rankings Week 8: San Diego Chargers Continue Overachieving

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COMMENTARY | The San Diego Chargers took care of business against the Jacksonville Jaguars' J.V. squad and moved to 4-3 on the season. This Chargers team could easily be 6-1. However, it's been a pretty dainty schedule so far with the exception of the Indianapolis Colts -- who may have been looking past San Diego to their huge matchup with returning prodigal son Peyton Manning.

The unfortunate aspect of being 4-3 is it would be hard for the team to justify pulling the plug on the season and by the time it's evident the team isn't making the playoffs, the trade deadline will have long passed. With the rest of their schedule they could easily end the season 6-10, but with a few breaks here and there, they might end up at .500.

Here's a look at the Chargers in some of this week's NFL power rankings.

Yahoo -- Frank Schwab -- No. 10 (Last week: No. 14)

"Coach Mike McCoy is getting everything he can out of his roster. Redesigning the pass offense to hide a poor offensive line is so obvious, you have to wonder why Norv Turner never did it."

At 10, this is the most optimistic ranking for the Chargers and would imply this might even be a playoff team even though their schedule so far has been against teams with losing records.

Fox Sports -- Brian Billick -- No. 11 (Last week: No. 16)

"Do you think Philip Rivers has already cleared space on his mantle for the Comeback Player of the Year trophy?"

Comeback from what? Being mediocre? That's not really a commonly accepted affliction. Maybe he means a comeback from Norv Turner-itis -- a devastating condition that has consumed many a player and fan. -- Pete Prisco -- No. 15 (Last week: No. 22)

"They head to their bye with a 4-3 record and Philip Rivers has been fantastic. Can they keep it going?"

Easy answer: Nope. Rivers will keep putting up big numbers as long as Antonio Gates stays healthy. Shhh! Don't jinx it. -- Elliot Harrison -- No. 11 (Last week: No. 13)

"Philip Rivers is the comeback player of the year, period. The dude completed 22 of 26 passes against the Jaguars on Sunday. He came into the game ranked second in the league in completion percentage at 72.6, behind only Peyton Manning. And it's not like he's connecting on a bunch of dinks and dunks and none-yard outs; Rivers is averaging well over 8 yards every time the ball leaves his hand."

Seven games in might be a bit early to hand out awards and if you're making a case, it might be best to leave out what he was able to do against the staggeringly awful Jaguars. -- No. 12 (Last week: No. 15)

"Believe it or not, Ryan Mathews is the only player this season to rush for 100 yards in consecutive games."

That's certainly an interesting statistical anomaly, but don't pat Ryan on the back too hard or he might get injured and miss a couple games.

After this week's bye, the Chargers take on the Washington Redskins and it's sure to be a barn-burner with two high-scoring offenses and two pedestrian defenses.

Jed Rigney is a Los Angeles-based award-winning filmmaker who also fancies himself a sportswriter. He is also a columnist at Through The Fence Baseball. You can see him on Twitter @JedRigney.

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