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NFL Power Rankings: Tennessee Titans Sink to New Low

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COMMENTARY | The Titans' loss to the Indianapolis Colts wasn't as heartbreaking as their loss to the Jaguars in Week 10, but it might be the final nail in the coffin.

The Titans could have easily found last week's matchup against the Colts as a rallying point for their season. With a chance at really jumping into the race for a divisional title, all the Titans had to do was take care of an injured Colts team on a short week at home.

Since the Titans fell, those in charge of the Power Rankings only see a 4-6 team that has lost five of their last six contests. Brace yourself Titans fans, this is going to get ugly.

Where the Tennessee Titans are in Week 12 power rankings: ESPN

The Titans got a pretty unfavorable spot from the rankers at ESPN. Dropping three spots to number 24, the Titans are only ranked above one other 4-6 team: the Oakland Raiders.

As an explanation for the Titans' low rankings, the voters refer to Chris Johnson's abysmal performance in the second half where he ran for six yards.

Where the Tennessee Titans are in Week 12 power rankings: CBS Pete Prisco

Going from a little low to a little high, Pete Prisco has the Tennessee Titans at 19. Down only two spots, the Titans are the eighth ranked team in the AFC pulling ahead of the potential wild card contenders, like the San Diego Chargers (20), Cleveland Browns (21), and Baltimore (22).

Where the Tennessee Titans are in Week 12 power rankings: FOX

The Titans pick up another 24 ranking from Brian Billick. This is a far cry from when Billick rated them in the top-15 in week four, and if the Titans don't make efforts to correct themselves, they could easily finish the season in the bottom five of Billick's rankings.

Where the Tennessee Titans are in Week 12 power rankings: CBS Pat Kirwan

The Titans land at 21 for Pat Kirwan, which is exactly where I think they should be ranked. Kirwan gives an excellent description of the Titans saying, "They are too physical to fall apart but don't have enough talent to close out an opponent or put a game winning drive together."

Where the Tennessee Titans are in Week 12 power rankings: NFL.com

Another ranking I agree with, the Titans end up at 22 on NFL.com. The Titans stay ahead of two 4-6 teams that they have beaten in recent weeks. Both the Rams and Steelers are ranked below the Titans, and the only other 4-6 team below the Titans is (once again) the Oakland Raiders.

My observations

1. The Titans are being favored over the Oakland Raiders, across the board this week according to these power rankings, but I wouldn't be so sure. The Titans are trending downward, and the Raiders appear to have the quarterback play to out duel the Titans, if it comes down to that.

2. Most explanations about the Titans 4-6 record refer to Chris Johnson and his lack of production, and I agree. Chris Johnson does well in spurts, but his inconsistency is too much for this offense to handle. If a team can't create a game plan around their star player, then maybe it is time to quit spending $10 million per year on him.

3. The Texans and the Jaguars are perpetually near the bottom of this list. For most Titans fans, Tennessee is all you are focusing on right now, but if you look ahead to the draft, the last thing you want is Houston getting Jadeveon Clowney and Jacksonville getting Teddy Bridgewater.

Will Lomas is a lead blogger for draftseason.com and a staff writer for SBNation's Tennessee Titans website Music City Miracles. Will is also the sports editor for the Tennessee Journalist, the University of Tennessee's online news source.

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