Huge point spread in Seahawks-Jaguars game likely to get bigger

Martin Rogers
Yahoo SportsSeptember 18, 2013

The Week 3 contest between the Seattle Seahawks and Jacksonville Jaguars at CenturyLink Field is a monumental mismatch. The fact that the league's top defense faces its worst offense tells part of the tale, with every set of other statistics – however hard you crunch them – pointing toward not just a home victory, but a slaughter.

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Those shrewd souls in Las Vegas offer nothing but a gloomy prognosis for the pitiful Jags, with the line of +19.5 ranking as the 10th highest in NFL history, according to ESPN.

 "It could go even further than that," said Jay Rood, of MGM Race and Sports Book in a telephone interview with Yahoo Sports. "There has been some money for the Jags at that number, but instead of going down, it is more likely to reach 20 or even 21 by game time."

No wonder a growing number of tired Jags fans are seeking divine inspiration in the form of the much-discarded Tim Tebow, figuring that if they are going to lose, they might as well have some fun with it.

Maybe they have a point, as there is little solace to be found elsewhere for the 0-2 Jaguars. Wideout Justin Blackmon has two games remaining on his suspension and the team's only other big offensive threat, Maurice Jones-Drew, is questionable with a sprained ankle. Jones-Drew's potential replacement, Jordan Todman, managed just seven yards on five carries last weekend against the Oakland Raiders, perhaps the second-worst team in the NFL.

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Over in Fantasy-land, those fortunate enough to own Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch and that almighty Seattle defense are preparing for a points bonanza.

Jacksonville supporters can forget about any sympathy from Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll toward his former defensive coordinator and now Jags chief Gus Bradley, even fresh off a home destruction of the San Francisco 49ers last Sunday.

"Every game is a championship opportunity for us," Carroll told reporters. "We don't accept anything less, then you guarantee your best chance to perform well, regardless of what's going on."

What went on last weekend is that the Seahawks got busy affirming their Super Bowl intentions while the Jaguars made the Raiders look good.

"We just have to keep grinding," wide receiver Cecil Shorts told reporters. "Things can only go up from here."

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You would think. Except those pesky numbers suggest things could get worse. The Jags have scored 11 points all season, have no runs of more than 10 yards, have seen the QB sacked 11 times and were sliced apart by the previously unspectacular Raiders run game. Combine that with the Seahawks' defensive line coming together as Carroll imagined it, Richard Sherman being named the league's defensive player of the week and Russell Wilson's offense torching the 49ers in a 29-3 romp.

Ouch. With probably more ouch to come.

"It is just hard to see any other way this can go other than a blowout," Rood added. "It is one of the bigger lines you would ever see at this early stage of the season. Seattle is just better. It could almost become a blowout by accident."

Having covered the spread narrowly in Carolina and then crushing it to a pulp last week, the Seahawks are quickly becoming a gamblers' favorite go-to team, and would further entrench that status with a resounding win on Sunday.

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