John Phillips check

This $10,000 check, found among Luther Davis' financial records, was written by NFL agent, attorney and Alabama alumnus John Phillips. The date on the check – Sept. 28, 2012 – preceded a 1:45 a.m. meeting on Sept. 30 between Phillips, D.J. Fluker and Davis at a La Quinta Inn in Tuscaloosa, Ala., which was revealed in text message records and later confirmed by Phillips.

While Phillips declined to comment further, text records between a number tied to Davis and a number tied to Phillips described Davis picking up Fluker following Alabama's 33-14 home win over Ole Miss, and bringing him to meet Phillips at his hotel. Less than 48 hours later, records show that Davis deposited Phillips' $10,000 check on Oct. 1.

Phillips later told Yahoo Sports of the check: "On or off [the record] or whatever, I really doubt a dime of any of that ever hit its intended target. I mean, I think Luther was just hustling." Asked if the intended target of the check was D.J. Fluker, Phillips said: "Yeah. I mean, whomever."