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NBA Rumor: Jeff Green Reportedly Drawing Interest From Eastern Conference Team

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COMMENTARY | Trade rumors have been swirling around the Boston Celtics all season.

For a few reasons, the name most often brought up is Rajon Rondo. He is undeniably the best player on the roster, his contract terms are reasonable, and the New York Knicks seem to have the delusional belief that they have the means to make a deal work.

This time, the latest rumor doesn't revolve around Rondo.

According to a report, forward Jeff Green has been "shopped hard" and has gained some serious interest from the Atlanta Hawks. The report cites Mitch Lawrence, who writes for New York Daily News.

At the surface, a Green to Atlanta deal doesn't make much sense. While the Hawks have a quality team, they probably don't even have a fighter's chance at getting by the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers, particularly without Al Horford.

As the report suggests, it's reasonable to believe any potential deal could include DeMarre Carroll heading to Boston. While Carroll isn't a game-changer, he's a quality player on a pretty cheap contract. He probably doesn't have quite the potential or upside that Green has, but exchanging Carroll for Green wouldn't make the Hawks noticeably better. It's tough to believe that the Hawks would give up much more than Carroll, which Ainge would likely demand.

For Boston, maybe clearing out some salary is enough to pull the trigger on a Jeff Green trade. Carroll would be a nice player to have, but his talent alone wouldn't be sufficient to make a deal.

If the interest in Green is genuine, it seems like the Hawks want to take a shot in a weak Eastern Conference. They're not close to being on the same level as the Heat or Pacers, but with a slight talent upgrade and some good luck, maybe they could make some sort of a playoff run.

Until the trade deadline passes, Celtics trade rumors won't go away.

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